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class again
Sally's walkin' like she just don't care
Now I know what I'd say to all those people walkin' by
Probably nothin' at all because I'm kinda shy
Revenge is a dish that's best served cold
Let your bloodlust leave
Let your hate recede
I can take it all with one collect-call
Awake be
to check you
I'm Chi as buck-fifty's and Pelle Pelle Leathers
Some say my beats made the Bulls play better
I say, black on black is the hate that hate
It is with joy that I greet you
Come inside and taste what's served for you
Food does not lack, neither does wine

Action or fate
Let's stir
is love and the will to hate
Shotgun in the left, in the other one our fate
Silver-bullets served by the hypocrite
Monkey on the back for we never
my wedding gown.
I was drinking by the Des Plaines River when the naught of night
Served for making me shiver and me the squirrels would hold hands
masters well
Now serve your masters in hell

Flesh needs flesh
Blood needs blood
Have you served your masters well enough
Lust needs lust
Hate needs
Served by a cruelin' fighting
Five nights of horror and of bleeding
Broke glass, cold blades as sharp as the eyes of hate
And the stabbin', it's
to prove his courage
Drove by rejoicing mass
It boils his pulsing blood

Exhibition bouts under the star of law
Men make pleasure in hanging gore
home but I hate it here
Oh why'd I ever go and leave the farm anyway?
Thought the city my help me take my blues away
But the cars go by
Tonight I'll stay
Let no one stand in our way
Let no one be concerned
In his eyes there was no regret
But you could feel the snap of his neck
They had all been
.P., so why you mad at us? (Word)
By-stand, I'm in the world fox-trottin
gettin my Fred Astaire on, follow my lead girl

Me and you come over, we
do it
and conquer, createed and angered a brown-skinned monster. So full of hate, self-destructive by design, destined to fail, we rose up from the slime.

This is a mean and cold town,
I hate this fucking place.
Watch the rats as they all drown,
Dying slowly day by day.
Decrepit and falling down,
they expect from us, police stand by 

Don't believe the lie that they're the ones protectin us 

Projects, to see how poverty's affectin us
want to destroy you and your kind
By now you know my vengeance is blind
I hate you all, you'll be the sacrifice
Be the victim of my explosive devise
see)... what will be?
A hate... that goes by the name of concern
Feel touched... stand and just watch the thing die
So mercy is money, I saw it on t.v. ...
to live

No more steps
And no more time
The blade, it falls
And ends this life

As the faces fade
And life, it flashes by
Fills with lies and hate
My demise
recall days gone by
And images I left behind
No acting for purpose that has to be served
No smile on my face
When there's nothing but hate in my mind
Think back, I invested, I assessed it, I reflected
Think back, I was requested by God
I shall lead as I was directed
Demand to be king, I was
were both sung the same lullabies of hate 
Her, First Son, the first one 
Whose, womb-world was profaned 
Came of age playing street games 
clowns we really love: Bozo, Scoopy, Rusty Nails - Here's a clown we really hate: Ronald McDonald - (He's only in it for the burgers) - I saw a clown in
the word around this ho?
You'll get served around this ho
Yeah, you'll get served
Like a fucking hors d'œuvre
Around this ho
I don’t splurge around no
weak on the trigga
Watchin us on BET and, chillin wit our nigga Tigger
Why they datin, I ain't hatin, got a call from Sally Payton
Now I'm gamin on this
your dog. You die by your dog
Now there's a calm before the storm
And I'd hate to be you when it starts to get warm
Clouds are forming. Crowds are