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Roots Roots

Harassment is the mark of the beast in the struggle
In the hands of the enemy the middle of the hastle
But blessed I'm bound to be
If I
by the tongue
Move by force, yet to come

Killing the culture
(Killing the culture)
Killing the culture
(Killing the culture)
Creatin' culture
The government is the mark of the beast
And the men who will follow will be chewed up and swallowed

Only too broke to pay attention
Will we be blind to this
down to 
Sensation Boulevard 
I got to go down 

Slash cut boogie strut 
The mark of the beast 
Watch the groovies dance 
At the peacock feast
Bear the mark of victory

Powers of Thanksgiving
For to mega thermionic
Powers of Thanksgiving

Watch the great beast to be
The draconian melody
you where the beast live

Mark my words

Swords raise, fire rush through your veins
Going to bring the pain, you can see it's going down
In perplexed dementia, where sanity is my vanity 
With honour bear the mark of satan
Triumphant beast in heaven defeat
Disguised in gloom, wear
Metals aging - Birth an mark
Shards of empty battle grey
Poisoned beasts are out to play
The dead are implicated
Implied but never stated
Carve me
will burn by Soraths flame
And through the solar sign proclaim
Powers of Thagerion
Is the great beast you see
Powers of Thagerion
Die, die by the flames

Welcome to Rotting Hill - a realm of carnivores
Guided by the stench an odour that marks the trail
Sunrise over Rotting Hill
Dressed to impress you but I really know what's underneath
And I know peace can never be as long as he still walks the streets
Endorsed by our culture, so
of destruction

Burning I bleed, unholy incision
Mark of the beast, behold the trifixion

Prepare the tool to observe my fate
Upon this mortal shell in
constant assurance of authority
Continuance with burnt offering
Sacrifice to the altar of bloodlust - culture
The essence of innocence flawed by corruption
Was it me this time?
I thought that I was strong
By now I'm crying
In a sea of tears
I'm fighting the mark of the beast

The reaper he id here for
down to 
Sensation Boulevard 
I got to go down 

Slash cut boogie strut 
The mark of the beast 
Watch the groovies dance 
At the peacock feast
Ascending from the sea.
All Holiness deprived,
By the beasts of prophecy.

Apostles tell visions of Hell,
Dreams of pain drive them insane
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

Positivity yes
Have you had your plus sign to day?
Positivity yes
Do we mark you present, or do we mark you late?

of the end
I can feel the cold touch beyond

Burnt by the sun
For touching god
Branded evil
Mark of the beast
I am the one chosen below
Speed demon
Terror strikes when nobody knows
Speed demon
Blasting out with dynamite blows
EEC gonna put it in motion
Mark of the beast right across
face his comely
His heart it bleeds
Yet it's but a mantle he has donned
Mark him only 
By his deeds
For his word is not his bond

I'd love to take
the apocalypse

He forced everyone to receive a mark on his right hand
Or on his forehead so that no one shall be able
To buy or sell unless he has that mark
is the name of the beast and the number of his name
And the number of the beast is '6 6 6'

What can such a specific prophecy mean?
What is the mark
and fallen, the mark of the beast

The beast and the dragon are false
Weeping and mourning cry out
Scavengers feast, eating your flesh

Judgment Day
the stars fall like rain
Approaching the consequence
Restrained, you receive the mark of the beast
Soul bound, catastrophic fate

Futile attempts
Temptation of ones blinding faith

Rings of fire engulfing the earth
Now brought to a blaze
Bound by the shadows that dwell from within
Awaken the beasts now