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know my steez I'm reppin for Queens
Your minor league I'm big time like Mark McGwire's deed
Your whole team is pussy
When I squeeze vaginas bleed
came out, batted their heads like I was Mark McGwire
I'm in the darkness..

Walk into the darkness
(A place for those who chose to give a fuck
blowing away, hey!
I make that, get you real pissed off
Seen a chick first time throw a trick off
That Mark McGwire, outta the park big-time
gotta feel me

Chrome's hidden inside of my tires
You should see the size of my tires
Ridin' on Mark McGwires, I spark the fire
Got me higher
I’m destined to win
Like a full champion
And we know it’s happening
At the time, get ready, set, go

On your mark, get set, when I thought the jet