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marching along

Marching along, siging a song
Making rhythm and rhyme
It used to be somthing to see
They don't keep track of the time

If the rain comes down
Away with the music of Broadway
Be off with your Irving Berlin
Oh I give no quarter to Kern or Cole Porter
And Gershwin keeps pounding on tin
my faith, because I know, 
That the time is now to fulfill each vow, 
For I may never pass this way again! 

Words and Music by Murray Wizel and Irving
through the years

Now is the time we all must stand together
So raise your hands show them we are strong
Side by side the fight goes on forever
a last time
Ban the white man's tyranny

And they came riding with their hate
And marching with their greed
External territories
Served their
You can tell by the wind
By fresh cut wood
All stacked to dry
That autumn's here
It makes you sad
About the crumby
Summer we had

With pine
to wonder

This breaks my heart, each time I see the woman I don't know
And all the nations tell me is we're all the same way

In Berlin, in DC
Going south
Like a marionette to sadness
I hang by the threads that cut me

It strings me along leaving time
To let me pretend I can't see
There's always
They say these are dangerous times
Got to be on guard
Bad news across the land
Rumors of war
And all along the border lines
You can feel
The travelers come and go
You see them landing with their pale wings
And flying back to the snow
And the summer comes marching in
With his heavy boots
you sure to fall 
Collapse like the Berlin Wall, while I'm just hurlin' ya'll 
Lightin' bolts -- by writin' quotes 
Strikin' jolts that frightenin'
I knew my reality was clearly defined
By the fences put up around my mind
I watched them thicken into walls over time
Taller than any borderline

(along with the remnants of
Everything new)
My holy disease will do
Wonders for you!
Those lovely producers
Who paid for you 'then'
Will do it again,
along with
Like death
Riding on top of the car peering through the windshield for his cue
Something entirely fictitious and true
That creeps across