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needed to be

Raised to future awareness
Manipulation has failed
Rulers, leaders
Anarchy will prevail
Now, reinforced hate
Glowing, pulsate
So sweetly perfumed 
And poor Mark Antony's 
Senses were drowned 
And his future was doomed 

He was blinded by love 
He was blinded by love
We on a world tour 
Wale your man hustlin' in each and every ghetto with the mic in my hand 
New York, VA, DC, get paid
We on a world tour Wale
of money making
Exploitation - manipulation
A gap is nothing, an empty space
In your mind defined by age
Fill the space - Defined by age
Fill the space -
Manipulation, Tormented Minds
Maneuvers Capitalize On Innocence

Power Wielding Deeds Crushing My Head

Sickened By The Action

The Senseless Abuse

A black gelato van
Finished for the day,
Met with Arthur's taxi head-on
Down St.Kilda way

(By the Prince Of Wales).
That was the way that Arthur died
Manipulation, fueled by greed
Social discontent and Hate,
Population regulate

Search and you’ll find the answers
To be the change that you
Monica sighed
Rolled on her side
She was so impressed that she just surrendered
She was moved by his wheels
She was just up from wales
He was
by the stupid head ripped, 
Razor blade...
Hit the drecks, be nowhere, copy-cat manipulation, 
Knuckles buzzin' through the air, soul stripper over
(wake up, wake up)
It got sold to our generation (wake up, wake up)
Wake up to the, manipulation (wake up, wake up)
Wake up to the situation (wake up,
of past Holy wars
By the wall with broken laws

The leaders of men
Born out of your frustration
The leaders of men
Just a strange infatuation
The leaders
Reborn empowered
All strongholds broken
Old ways have died,
Given new life
Boldness engulfs my every word,
Strength empowered by God
The visual narcotic
Preys in sequence
Parading in the essence of demons
One by one
Rise of the political hoodlum
Brainwash residue
Your neck
out of tricks
One day they will hit you
Like a tonne of bricks

Freak of nature
Contemplating disarray
By manipulation
You get your pathetic way
By the masters of manipulation
Damned, misled children
You never stood a chance

The new breed of a generation to come
Inspired by women, niggas say that I treat em different
Niggas be bitches, hoes be bitches, I don't see no difference
Shawty my aim is different, DC
Do you have no patience for ignorance especially your own? 
Death to the lies, 
Death to all manipulation 
Do you ever feel that you've won this
Through the ashes of the world consumed

Enlightened by their Hate
Bathing in their Lust
Bleeding for the taste of Revenge
The Stricken Arise
sailors you're still dry
The outlook's fine though Wales might have some rain
Saved again.

Let's skip the news boy (I'll go and make some tea)
sailors you're still dry
The outlook's fine though Wales might have some rain
Saved again.

Let's skip the news boy (I'll go and make some tea)
up under rubble 
time to take a breath again 
Brick by brick I build a house 
for my poor soul to dwell 
So if you may be a bit concerned 
Don't want to be on no rooftop
Frying in the afternoon sun
Don't want to sit by no fountain
Listening to the man-made stream run
Just want

Drugged docile by the embeds 
They enter below the threshold
Intricate manipulation technique
Promotes robotic behavior 
Consume according
punched by the lies they spit
We're losing life cause they're full of shit

I said non stop manipulation
In the heart of nothing
Non stop
Instructions rule your day
They influence you in your sleep
But you won't realize,
It's hidden far too deep!

Manipulation of your opinion