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When it's real hot we go down the river and swim
And When we go fishing we're catching the bream
When the river's high we jump off the bridge
I fell in love with your sweet smile
Slip away from the city race
Follow me to a lonely place
Come lie down by my waterfall

Sweet sweet come dream
[Fat Joe] 
Yeah  uh  Terror Squad. (TS) 
No Limit fam. 
Uh  TS. (TS) 
Yeah yeah yeah  uh. 
NY to the NO. 
Puttin it down like what. 
the river 
Put it down like my rocks when the po pos chasing a nigga 
I put it down like a casket going down 6 feet 
Or something like them dice when they
through from the Zoo
From the Shaolin, nigga, you know, who
Pass the Meth, so I can get bait
I'm hittin June by the River, slayin Ricki by the Lake
a fool bitch, I stay high
Killa T-A-why, and hear the pound down for the drive-by
These G's ride, and it ain't no fear in my heart
You talkin loud, wolfin