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and the seeker reef
Used to check the Tinie man for the DVD
He and I reminisce sometimes
Peace in east, LA gettin' lean with Dee (I got a)
I don't why you

If you had known her then you'd agree
Her smiling eyes could make a blind man see
She laughed with innocence and she moved with style
emcee's fiercely
Focus upon the facts that facts can be fabricated to form lies
My phonetics alone forces feeble emcees into defense on the fly
Feel me,
And understanding
Possessed by gods
Transferred to man in
A script of a book
A scripture that looks 
Like a Biblical writing
Inviting a hook
Of a song sing along with

Yeah, this a man's world pricks, no broads allowed
All my niggaz with that raw allowed
All my niggaz with they fours allowed
who won't
Staring out my window, who is that I see
He sure does look familiar, and he's wearing boots and jeans
Can't tell you were I saw him, was it
the whole vibe and the flows in the air
Telling me 'bout next man
But next man ain't the nigga with the plan
Who got your heart in mind?
It's about time
Telling me 'bout next man
But next man ain't the nigga with the plan
Who got your heart in mind?
It's about time that you just unwind (come on)

And let it
of Babylon
And him create me right and wrong
And him create me script and song
And that's why we stand firm upon the rock on which salvation, man
And so we
by the devils decisions, forced into a slave
Death before dishonor for those men who were brave 
Shot and sent to their grave, can't awaken, it's too
was Farmer
Shorty got the death wish, I wish to die
But when I try, it just goes by
You couldn't kill me because I can't kill myself
And if I got
still fans, will be air conditioners 
Why golly gee, I'm the hypest 
The power to maintain, and sustain, cause I'm righteous 
In other words, by
be alone
The second, that she was gone
I was beckoned by my brethren
Then my head spinned like (buzz)
Tech went to be a grown
A complex gent, that see
prepare to cop the plea sucker
Judge jury bailiff their all me
Your on trial but you can't win
Cause I wrote the script you die in the end
So throw in
I see I'm peeking out ready to rumble
So now I'm speaking out
Against those
That flip the way the story goes
One never knows
Who be flippin'
the wind
There's no cell-y phone, so you can't phone home
Oh lord, here come those criminals maleek & jerome
("yo, who you know here, you got family over
got the keys to the rented Corvette
Can't catch me, I'm the man in all black
I been a nice chap since Catman on crack
Fuck that, I been nice way
Ya can't be intrigued by the leads a pig lead
Unless you don't give a fuck to be free
Keep stompin' on, keep stompin'
Attitude but I ain't from
And, everybody was drinkin' and niggas don't be thinkin'

Hey yo, I be the man dangle, handle bilingual
Shit's so hot, it might be the first single
So if you got beef better think again
(Number one)
Cause you can't win
(You can't win)

I guess you know by now who's number one
From all those commercials I see on TV
When I see an ad that can't be understood
I know that the product has got to be good
Those words may be crazy,
always late for the bus
Just once can I be on time
Then I start to think what’s the rush
Who wants to be on time
Feeling unlucky and if I ever got lucky it
don't want to be around
No I can't go for that, no way, oh
No, I'm not a fool
Tell me what you want
'Cause I don't understand what to do

White man just rulin'.
The Niggas With Attitudes, who ya foolin'?
Y'all niggas just phony,
I put that on my mama and my dead homeys.
Yella Boy's on your
She say she love her man she misses him
But nobody do it better than her distance dick (me)
I'm her long distance pimp
When I land my b****es