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this new song It's dope man)
compact disc to the prime is optimist
fans and friends I'm universally cosmic
concrete jungles abound
you stand by
And they show me their secrets, I can even cop a feel
Victorious, can't match wit, with warriors
I match wig with wits, similarly can't mix matchsticks with
to figure out how
Mix-A-Lot made the drums go (POW POW)
Understand it's the undercover game plan
Mix-A-Lot soon to be your (TOP MAN)
Yes sirry and put my
Because your messin' with my Bad Side

My, my, my, my, my bad side
My, my, my, my, my bad side

I'm like thunder, a barbaric like warrior
I call da crib they say "Breeze you ain't know?" 
I say "What?" "Big Time got popped in his Benzo!" 
I said "Damn man I'm riding in his Lexus 
I call the crib they say "Breeze you ain't know?"
I say "What?" "Big Time got popped in his Benzo!"
I said "Damn man, I'm riding in his Lexus
Oracle arouse, niggas don't even run for cover right 
Downtown interracial lovers hold hands 
I breathe heavy like an old man, with a cold can of Old
collapse if we don't get sidetracked
If we visualize living underwater hidden by prisms
Countries fall but people transition if one for all we live in that
still there's no thrill
Villa bill ya ten K bills in his pilla
Villa, when it gets realer, split the skrilla with

Dilla, (Dilla) mix, mix, mix
bread in the ninety-three
Bill collectors don't see me, G!
In this fort, I'm the man with the miracle torque
To pull through all sorts of them tax ?odds?
flex then wreck
So E what's next?

Shazam, let me tell you who I am
The E-R-I-C-K, S-E-R-M-O-N
Call me a lumberjack, or a midland warrior
Doin damage
again, you had enough? Say when 
I am the man with the six-pack of Heineken 
I get tipsy 
But never in your life try to dis me 
'cause I don't battle
White's throat box
I bet you those cops mix
Double high tower my power grants me the chicks
The blows the cars and enemies that want to spar
You want
mo' problems - and I ain't got money to solve 'em
This is just another day in the life
Gettin' mobbed by fans - man nobody even knows who I am
Hellborn to Free Power like Wilco

And still owe the bills, pay dues forever
Slay huge when it comes to who's more cleverer
Use to wore a leather goose ski
[Bushwick Bill]
Bitches I scoop them up like jacks
Stack them like racks and send them home with their pussy off tracks
Cause they be figuring me to be
call the cali drug expert
Smashing in a six hundred dollar bill burnt
Looking flossy living costly
Off the edge, out of state 
They gots to break
the dollar bills.
From Pittsburgh to Cali dropping bombs like that,
was on the D.L. with the squad so I couldn't hold it back.
Black, I regulate I buzz

Now how do rumors get started
Started by the jealous people
Lookin for a ? when a man and a women have a good relationship
And they trip then they
sucker for his money 
It's so funny 
Cars ride by, with the boomin' system 
Sayin, "Leave him alone, my man already dissed him" 
Now I'm
one for
Crooklyn everday

Brooklyn is up in here

Uhh, block party, corner store
The downtown, the projects
Borough shots
My clique is so tight
The mix
fall victim somehow
But that's that game
Won't try to explain
From books to bricks
Now I see crooks and tricks
Caught up in the mix
Of everyday in
with mayne
People hit with all kind of these identity thieves
Underrated and hated, on by all these squares in the industry
Man I'm a legend pimp,
known to squeal, makin' sour deals
Thugs up in to mix with these drugs, caught up in the humble
Bricks and paper by the bundle how the Bronx humble
Lets do this man for real

We smoke big blunts, cigars, it's us
It's obvious, kids, we regulate up shit moving through brush
The beats is grim,