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Rock 'n' rollin', rock 'n' rollin'
Floor so cold that's why I'm so frozen
Rock 'n' rollin', rock 'n' rollin'
I'm a'Rolling Stone with my
niggers even stay  that's why we pour a liquor for the grief of dead, we miss you
The will  receive guns'n'roses, and  from me you need a bunch of roses
weight now  pop a gun wit them now
Where the f*** them clowns at kickin the dough for the p**** by the hour
where the them hoers at get your dough mama
bring their beer n all
N when the lights went out, a cheer rose in the air

Well, folks just got too civilized
Sparky's gatherin' dust
Cause no one
gotta be out by da 7th man I'm sick and tired of dis mess...
It's like god is akin' my blessings bad luck is all in my presents...
Fuck round n I gotta
dream, New Orleans, Mississippi River running over me
Pretty mama come and take me by the hand
Don't mock what you don't understand
It's a southern
is war
Yeah n****, uh, yeah n****
Yeah n****, uh, yeah n****, uh
Yeah n****

Bust my gun all by myself
Rock cocaine all by myself
Poured propane all
We prick you we prick you we prick you

CHORUS2 (twice)
  You show respect even if you disagree
  You show respect

Mama can I kiss you daddy can
at 850 pounds; guns n' roses!

Get in the ring(x16)

This song is dedicated to all the guns n' fuckin' roses fans
Who stuck with us through all the fucking
that I'm that nigga then you picked the wrong one
'Cause I live by the gun, die by the gun
Hot bullets burn some say that them bitches stun
So raise
up and down the line
Giddyup giddyup tally ho

Well my pappy ain't smart he ain't good at quizzin'
But one thing he knows is how to keep mama his'n
My guns bust
And if you ain't one of us
It gets worse
B**** n****s get their eyes swoll
In fly mode
I'm a homicidal outlaw
And five-o, get
hurts My guns bust
And if you ain't one of us it gets worse
B**** n****s get their eyes swollen and fly mode
I'm an homicidal outlaw and five-o get
closest kin
Just to get under your skin like a dirty syringe
Plus I know you can't win with a gun or a pin
So when you see Mayz come in the place you
through ya', lyrically shoot ya'
And if I lose it, I'll grab Mama's gun and Erykah Badu ya'
Hip-Hop's savior slash intruder
N****s act like they knew
up and down the line
Giddyup Giddyup Tally ho

Well my pappy ain't smart he ain't good at quizzin'
But one thing he knows is how to keep mama his'n
I was raised on beans and rice
and if you shot up my crib I wouldn't be surprised
Mama used to trip 'cause I fed the mice
I'm the one they sent
Uh, uh, uh, huh
Exclusive shit
(Exclusive shit)
Yeah, who

Guns n' roses mafia proses
Briefcase money, hot cars, and hot clothes
Walked for a while with the suffragettes
You know mama's still growing those roses yet
Heard the echo of Bryan in the old court case
And I thought as I
don't need no gun
But it's the 90's and n****s don't bump by the end of the round
The clown bound to dump, young chump
You don't wanna get caught up in
worse than it was (nooo)
Playin marbles (playin marbles) hit by a bus (hit by a bus)
Death is sweet (death is sweet) hell sucks (sucker)
Damien probably
Of mothers that carry the pain 
Of blood stained streets where sisters mourn and wail 
Big brothers been slain from hails of gun fire 
was Guns 'n Roses
I blast the sound, you check the sound
You got to be down, you got to be down and be like Charlie Brown
Saying good grief

s*** in his arms, broken
A young mind distorted emotions, is there an upside?
His brother got murdered up North by milletas
Ma-ma, battlin', cancer,
the gold carretta
The sweater-letter with the hollow letter
The patmeretta gettin' redder kids and mama

Infra-red clow