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Foggin?up my senses 
You're making me sensless 
You're calling it sexual. 

And you're going to get yours, my lady. 
Might even be today.
Description is like
15 doves
In a Jacuzzi catching the Holy Ghost
Making one woozy in the head in come a toast, agree?
Enough about me
How's about you?
matter that this waste of time
Is what makes a life for you? hmmmmm?

I must plummet boldly
To my ultra-avant
Pillow fight
Video camera

Now we hooked up once
We've hooked up thrice
You've slept left side
And I've slept right
And we meet by
fuckin' thing I do I'll

Yeah, Immortal Technique, Rassy
Nigga, I never forget nothing nigga

Fifty-one percent of the World Bank is owned by the U
(fuck, that)
For money, niggas murder what they close to (get this nigga)
Entire families these mother fuckin' ghost you
Smoke you, was it worth what
Oh yeah I have to say it, please pardon my language
Excuse my french or whatever these fuckers now be saying
Almost famous noticed by ratchetness