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i'm the biggest Lindsay Lohan fan next to her mom
got her posters on my wall, think about her all of the time
it's like i wake up in the morning
Karl Marx has got ya by the throat, Henry Kissinger's got you tied up in knots.

When you gonna wake up, when you gonna wake up 
When you gonna wake
Wake up! It's a Monday morning
No time left to say goodbye
Can't breathe and the lights are changing.
You can live your own life
Making it happen
the rest 

And I'm making it on my own like a rock'n roll widow 
Get my news from the Rolling Stone, wake by the telephone 
Wonder if he's alone 
Or is
That just waste space
And in case I wake up without a pen
I do not want to forget

Heaven is of Honey
And kisses
Royal Jelly
For the queen bee
Saints of Red, White, and Blue
Pass bonds of junk to you
Our flag has all but bled to green

In comes the flood
Wake up America
In comes
day that passes by is making me more dishonest
There's too much I make up, as soon as I wake up
There's too much I make up for me

Well, what is

And if by chance, you wake at night
The hollow sorrow that lingers
And you grab at the tails of your dreams
But they scuttle through your

And the world is slowly dawning
To wake up to a new clear morning.
Some of them just half your age
Get written off, page by page

a home where I feel sound and safe
World passing by, leaving traces of shapes, blurring into memory 
Dreaming of terrain that sustains

I wake up Wake
when we wake up
I can't stay low
I'm always glad when we make up
I'm just as there as you
So, when we make up

Eyes stuck looking at
Our eyes are making
Do you wake up every day
In a world that seems crazy
A world you love to hate
Are you scared or do you feel pretty safe
Do you think you have
or yawning
You didn't listen to a thing you heard
Don't start your morning moaning or you might wake up in Luxembourg

You get over, you get over
fast asleep
Wake up! Wake up!
So if faith comes by hearing, why not speaking by preaching?
Though my fear is the half-truths that the many are
me free

Sometimes I wake up dreaming before it disappears
Sometimes I wake up screaming
Near vergin' on tears

Now should I walk the line
Or should I
mind so preoccupied on a motherfucker,
you can't even wake your ass up
You too busy dreamin about me!
You motherfucker! I don't even know why I'm
had turned to the blue sky speaking words 

Reasons why,
All my time was spent making wine to bait the drunk
I'd have to find now, now, now

every song

Yeah, we only want to sing when we want to
Yeah, we only want a dream we can flaunt to
Yeah, we only want to fly by the side, making love
down by love
Let down by love
It's a constant hit or miss thing

It always happens on a Monday
I wake up to my wake up call
And I was thinking it
Bear paws and rascal power 
Watching us in your garage 
Big girl you ate the neighbor 
The nova is over 
Wake up and play 
Bear paws and rascal power 
Watching us in your garage 
Big girl you ate the neighbor 
The nova is over 
Wake up and play 
Wake up Monday morning lookin' at another 50 hour week
Hit the ground, black coffee, runnin' on 2 hours of sleep
Damned old truck won't start
my lungs
And wake up screaming for my life

In my blue heaven
There's a bottle of Pontchartrain
Chalmette by moonlight
To take away the pain

I wake up and see
The light of the day
Shining on me
Make my own time
It's mine to spend
Think to myself
My own best friend
It's not so bad
always covered by the safety-pin
Where will the dimple be ? 

Every night we stay at home, my love and me alone
making wishes over dishes in the sink