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to resist
Questions and words which would make it unclear
The story continuous but this time it's guided by

Voice of distinction the power of choice
faintly rises in his voice
The choice is mine
When it comes to haters living or dying
Blueprinted crimes illustrated by your baby
The unlady like
for me
When someone loves like I do
Dreams can come true
So tell me, tell me now
Oh, cara cara mia, cara cara mia
How can you leave me now?

you make your dreams straight reality
Can you dig the prime interest rates
Do you think you'd meet hospitality
If you went to the White House by
again, in the land of the free
Use your freedom of choice your freedom of choice
It makes you run there was a ?? about a dog?? ??
He picked the one he
All of my life. All of my pain. Driven by suffering

Every single choice I must make. Driven by suffering
Every single choice I must make. Driven by

If we do

For moment by moment

The choices we make

Depend on

The chances we take

Oh,for moment, moment by moment

Our lifetime goes on

you see
And if I stand here
Will you stand by me
If the choice that I make
Is the choice to be me

I've heard your words
In so many ways
Do I
make my mind up by deciding not to care

Stop giving me choices
Stop giving me choices

I'm the victim, of this day and age
I've forgotten how to feel
sun, or in rain
It just seemed the same

But I'm only human
Branded by ambition
But I'm going to make it count

Vita mia 
Quanta vita see'e
make up your mind"

Live or die, grab it by the horns and baby take that ride
Live or die, give it up or give it everything inside
Fall of fly, won't
no choice but to cooperate
With a man of true beliefs.

Heaven, heaven
This is the nature of the universe
This is what will make us free again.
The greatest gift of all

We can't go on pretending day by day
That someone, somehow will soon make a change
We are all a part of Gods great big family
Who will gather the foe

For Christ's sake, it's Christmas
So for Christ sake let everyone know
They all have the choice so lift up your voice
We make our choices, as time goes by
But nothin' matters more than you and I
One in a million, two of a kind
You & I

It was all we could
has begun

Time will slip away
Every moment passing by
The choices that we make will stand the test of time
Time will slip away
Every moment passing by
No choice to obey
No choice to slay
No choice to fade away

Crippled ideology, makes no sense for me
Kill yourself for the and the paradise you'll
Help me to make the loving choice

Let me answer when I'm called
By the mighty and the small
In the service of my soul
Let there always be
to climb

Bombarded by multiple choices 24/7
Navigating a tangled web of logic and passion
Guided by subconscious voices, astute and sharpened
the choice, that's the choice
You're gonna have to make
this drought
Is by breaking new ground

Yeah, the only thing you left
When you left me was no choice
Gonna plant my love in another field
With no
The games we play
Break-up make-up day by day
And I don't want nothing to change
I don't want nothing to change
When you touch me baby
I don't
and I unburdend by heartaches and the pain
Now we face the choice to change our hearts or simply hang it up
What if Love Hangs on to Us?
What if Love
a choice to make
To either walk a path of love
Or be crippled by our hate

We have time to cause pollution
We have time to cause confusion
All wrapped
We all make mistakes, we think it is fun, we leave them by choice
We try to say it was an accident
Certainly circumstance
Simply unfortunate
It was