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Uh oh, uh oh, oh! Oh! Oh!
They ain't ready for this
L.T. Hutton
It's that new 'Pac, y'all

Pac's life
(Everybody needs to chill)
alright, all right
Stand clear
You're living in the hurricane years
In the hurricane years

I've been through major destruction
I've seen through
Slip a nigga that ass and die for the guts
But I didn't panic when them hoes was riding deep
I remained calm just like a g
And as I break them hoes
Benign, the human form
Malignancy disease
Metastasis major cause
Migration of the beast
Into the strem
Disturbed balance of life
We said we'll never be, just a memory yea
And even though it breaks my soul
Still, I never let your heart go
Runnin' way too fast, oh
Chasing down
[Intro Skit]
Someday I'm gonna be walkin down the streets,
mindin my own business.. and BAM!!
I'm gon' be shot by some pig who's gonna SWEAR
by gettin' by
Polish up all your flaws, you can't be fuckin' around
Finally made it to the majors, stealing bases of course
Giving bitches your money,
on my cross, candy blind me from the gloss
I keep my hand on Nina Ross for haters who want to break me off
80 4's underneath my ride, fortified keep it
You know it just ain't right
Tell me who be loud
When the spark ignite
Now from the break daylight
To the fall of the sun
You gotta pick your fight
money, dollars, every time seen?

Now how can I explain how this game laced, plus with this fame
I got enemies do anything to break me, my attitude
can  reward is major, so on and so forth
She can show you how to stay down
I can tell you 'bout to break down
VS1's all in my bitch, watch face now?
gravity back
Adopted by the major I want my family back
People work hard just to get all their salary taxed
Look I'm just a writer from the ghetto like
of a weapon that can end it
You know, mass destruction when I mash the button
I take your favorite major rapper, left him independent
Cryin' in the corner
have what I've got for you stolen by no thief 
'Cause the safest sex I've ever had was hanging from a tree 

So you've left me for another pretty face
And I don't trust the major mutt ? label
Pets ? talkin' dog shit
I'll break your neck frame your nuts
And hang them up in your boss's office
See me
'81 was the year s*** hit the fan in a major way
I sat there for an inspiring artist
Almost 20 years after the fact I'm still on my hustle
I went to college to do my family a favor,
But I couldn't pick a major cuz I wanted to be MAJOR.

I tried sellin' work, but it didn't work.

Trust a bitch, nope, uh, uh, never
I'm havin' too much trouble tryin' to keep my damn self together
They got me by the balls so please, help me
Trust a bitch, nope, uh-uh, never
I'm havin' too much trouble tryin' to keep my damn self together
They got me by the balls 
So please, help me
we got jerked but still invented them
Wicked litle kick it joints that got us ghetto wheight
And also kept the jazz alive by pulling off the plates
the hardcore, set on down by every law
Moving in your Lex trecks out a sextivity
At its highest level of funktagious served in major
He's the real Mabel,
league beat down, a homerun, a base?
Major labels always wonder when we gonna break loose
Can't stop the profit motherfucker, I'm like Jeru
S&M it's us
Sleep with my eyes at post
So Diablo won't be hostin the game of life
The knife sits by throats of the young
And blows death straight through the lungs
It was your one big break,
If you only would have played your cards a little smarter
By now you'd have it made, your own TV show, or recording
Cause I'm a major threat, once again Rage in effect

HAH, Necessary Rough when I bust
Enter your zones, microphones get crushed, I..
I break