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beautiful, balloon!
Optical biofeedback, magnetic borders
X-Ray you see skeletons fly North for the next day
We give passes covered with dioxalyn gases
The summer of 1974 was brutally hot in New York and I kept thinking about how nice and icy it must be at the North Pole. And then I though, รข??Wait
[Petey Pablo talking]
To get with me, 2000
Yo Pete, I think they ready for you
Give y'all some of me

[Hook x2]
Petey Pablo - Petey Pab
best friend 
I can tell by the wind somebody's gettin' ready to bend 
They lifestyle's bout to end 
I'm in these African cabs on stores run by
[Chorus: x2]
When I say Sunz of, you say Man
(Sunz of Man, Sunz of Man)

When my lyrics touch the frozen, you frost the lost
As I've rosen out