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to know what is over each hill
Ooh I'm a different man I'm still running but you understand
Since I met you I can't leave you alone
I'm leaving now but
through the mountains and hills

Slave of a world full of passionate thrills
Dreaming of being embraced by her arms
Could not resist all her magical
Candy Hill, They in here looking pretty.

[Chorus:Candy Hill]
Boy, I know a place you'll never wanna leave,
Only in your dreams, it's reality.
(huh, huh
A little league in the time that I'm so free
It's snow days
Midachellow park with a sledge in the hills and were flying through oak trees
It's the kid who
I slap you up and make you *feel* what DeVon *feel*
You cry like Dice Clay, like Kunta Kinte I gets loose
You blowin up's a fucking dream like
Interlude 5 lyrics: Lauryn Hill MTV Unplugged 2.0

You all doin' alright? You ok? I'm not screamin at ya, I'm just askin you a question. y'all givin'
Hah hah, hey hey, laugh now nigga
My man's right behind you, Kane pull the trigger
I don't play, I'm from the hill where shit is real
Selassie eye and I'm proud to say, I never need a 9 by my waist
Niggas still respect my game so celestials respect my space
And I just might be in