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just to study my technique
I make the best darn waffles this world has ever seen

I'm the Waffle King (Waffle King)... yeah
Waffle King (Waffle King
Frustration is the fuse 
The flame is hate 
Tick tick tick 
She's the bomb 

Plastic models in plastic magazines 
Plastic kings and plastic
For room and for board
And the backdoor key is a 
19th century civil war sword
Once owned by John Booth
Who misplaced his script 
When he caught
lines burning flags magazines
Coup-de-ta, kill the king
See the popel rally hear them scream
The worlds a speaker listen to them sing

You walk by the magazines
Sitting on the rack at the CVS
One more sad movie star divorce
Three hundred died in an airplane wreck
And you think
Of a magazine

Some day (some day)
I'd like (I?d like)
To take a walk with you
Maybe ride our bikes down by the sea side

Meg White
I saw you on the big
Froggie jumped all over the stage that day

Rolling Stone magazine... sucked him dry and made him king
Froggie let rip with a big burp

a go-between
This is Mr. and Mrs. Smith
To whom you are speaking
Slang King
Words from a cheap man
Part-paid type who got his style 
From a press treatise
Have you heard of one Humpty Dumpty
How he fell with a roll and a rumble
And curled up like Lord Olofa Crumple
By the butt of the Magazine Wall
of boys the other day standing in the corner of a playground
Looking and laughin' at a magazine

And I overheard one of the boys said man is he ever cool
She's got a gold painted soul 
With a ticket to roll 
She's like a ball of an uncontrollable fire 
She's in a dream magazine 
Like a Jupiter
bathes me with pity

I could never be your friend
If I could never by you King
I'm wide open
Can you hear the devil sing?

It's a strange kind

She is horse in lounging pyjama

We land in the jungle by the teeth of my skin
All the animals crowd around the flying machine

Big gorilla
I'm the king of the world,
I'm a popular man
Count by zero's to ten, 
If you can't, well I can, 
Don't let any one wake me

I'm dreamin' out loud,
Recorded before Designing a Nervous Breakdown
Released in April 2000 on a 7" by Devil in the Woods magazine

Well I know feeling strange - sometimes
Everybody wants to be the carnival queen 
Everybody wants to be the carnival king or queen 
We all read the books 
She takes her clothes off 
One by one
that call the husk home
Might embalm and stiffen and rid the fawn of all his liquids
Slather it in beeswax, wrap it up in ribbons
Limb by limb, by
And how do you find such lovely polka dots
And stripes these days?

Break all my thoughts hit the floor
Like I'm makin' the score
I'm the king
Uhh, just point out the bounce
Uh-huh, show me the bounce, yeah
Just point out the bounce, yeah
Timbo the king, yeah

Young Hov' the king, yeah
Uh, just point out the bounce
Uh-huh, show me the bounce, yeah
Just point out the bounce, yeah
Timbo the king, yeah
Young Hov' the king, yeah
The street looked kind of different - harsher colours sharper
Angles. Shops stacked high with stereos and rows of magazines. Smells
Of coffee, glossy
bitch like Mya
When I saw that ass on the front of that King
Read the article in the magazine, she loved gangsters, loved nasty things
So I'm in the glass
Point out the bounce, yeah, Young Hov' the king nigga

Magazines call me a rock star, girls call me cock star
Billboard, pop star, neighborhood
glory days
Ride upon the hip-hoorays
Of hometown girls who've been displayed
In dirty magazines.

"And what am I supposed to do with you?"
Just tell
could touch it so fuck it rappers want to dis I'm glad to see 'em cause I
rip your fuckin face outta a magazine O.G. gangsta lean now after I shit