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The Dramatics

n**** ain't no Turnin Back
Where the f*** my hoes at who I pimp hard when they want to get to a tap 
But you know you can do dat that luv I'm just hear
a prized
Fighta eyes light up wen I glide by the
Thighs try the size why the cries cause
I be the pied piper wider tighter I like her
Pride diver pride
[ intro: willie d ]
Thugg niggaz
Callin all thugg niggaz
(callin all thugg niggaz)
This shit is for y'all
Just like geto boys
the Valley, she said she wanted me badly
Now this is common in Cali because the homies is savy
Bitches be givin' money to niggaz and callin 'em Daddy
She in
the jar Jeff pense is callin'
Buy ounce, buy pound, buy enough for the rounds by mouth
Cause ya know how it's going down
Dro party with the magnolia
(Haaaa) uh yea (haa haaa mmmm)
[Verse 1]
Check it out I'm wit my man A Con n I go by the name Loon n this a bad boy exclusive na mean. (Come