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even got the life support
Machines shook to keep you breavin
I'm beef increasing, bees season
You can peep my 8 by 10 photos
In the 1-20 prison

[Chorus: x2] 
Young, dumb, full of fun 
Dumb diddy dumb diddy you'll get done 

Livin' this life 
I can't help but dis my dream 
a dream, and I dream lucid
And break the chains and change minds, one verse at a time
And claim that you sick, and fuck it if the truth is
Who's the king?
claim bill
Counterfeit outfits
I'm Gepetto with the strings
Wooden kids will breathe
La vie is a dream of a lucid
Rod angle catch your life by
Running cars in breeze ways, all day standing
While ya'll had, ya'll hoes on your mind
I was posted by the labor pool, rocking for rocking them
all day
In this dream I trusted everyone
and I was in the spotline for the lifeline of real life
People are vampires and Sole only exists in