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"I was sent by Aurora!"
"Enter the gate and move on..."

Sword in mind I bear
Princess in flames
Dreamscape warrior
Endless - my quest

Like a lucid
I ride the ninth cloud in the seventh dream
A haven yon life and it's cruelty
If life will pass me by, then so be it...
watch another shifting life go by
And lucid dreams will see this order fall
Logic... [Repeat: x3]
lullabies of days gone by.
Close your eyes - on the edge of forever
A chance to dream, fast asleep your nightmare ends.

As the walls converge around me.
even got the life support
Machines shook to keep you breavin
I'm beef increasing, bees season
You can peep my 8 by 10 photos
In the 1-20 prison
'Cause he was great c'mon
I'm on the one mission
To get a politician
To honor or he's a gonner
By the time I get to Arizona

I got twenty five days
Every time I close my eyes
I end up in the Summer skies
Flying over paradise
Yeah, and every time I go to sleep
I end up in a lucid dream
I can do
dream recedes
The dream of Reading and of Leeds
All going off at once in your mind

One of these days
Gonna get to the heart
One of these days
I can see around me in this lucid state
My own mind controls my real fate
But if I wake from slumber, then returns despair
Of the days depression,
young, she young, she young 

I hit the 21 blocks each and every day 
Niggaz peepin' they shoulders in each and every way 
No sweat, 'cause if I sweat
I want you
I want you

I day-dream of seeds girl when you pass by
I wonder what the future holds for you and I
I tell my friends favorite tales
a dream, and I dream lucid
And break the chains and change minds, one verse at a time
And claim that you sick, and fuck it if the truth is
Who's the king?
dawn to dust
Every day is a new day, to conquer is a must

Ask me any questions and I take the fifth
Not sayin' where we been, or who we're hangin'
claim bill
Counterfeit outfits
I'm Gepetto with the strings
Wooden kids will breathe
La vie is a dream of a lucid
Rod angle catch your life by
all day
In this dream I trusted everyone
and I was in the spotline for the lifeline of real life
People are vampires and Sole only exists in
Running cars in breeze ways, all day standing
While ya'll had, ya'll hoes on your mind
I was posted by the labor pool, rocking for rocking them