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need somebody to love and be mine 
No one can tell me where I can find no no 

I’m watching anything, anything that goes by 
Maybe it’ll come, won’t
love, But he may not want the same
Girl you gotta do wat chu feel is best for you,
If it's love don't let it pass you by

[Chorus (2x)]

I'm goin crazy,
By riding on a pony
I love to listen to the Dixey strain
"I long to see the girl I left behind me"
And that ain't a josh
She's a Yankee, by gosh
Sing the melodies of Christmas

There's something 'bout the melodies
Of Santa Claus and Christmas trees
Favorite songs by Nat and Bing
Elvis, Josh
Met a girl, her name was Jade
Cuts her nails with a razor blade
Says she lives by no one's law
Ran my pride through a big chainsaw
Have you heard
you dead?
It's the ones you trust that gonna let you down
It's the ones you love that's gonna turn you out
'cause they the only ones who really,
broke and your down
And your looking for love
But you won't find the kind of love that's sweet and right
While your living on the dark side of life
People like that, what does that mean?

I mean she's not even approached them. She's a droid

She's not a person. Well, you're right, she's not
Written by Jedd Hughes, Terry McBridge and Josh Leo
I'm hearin' voices
Telling me this time it's true
But I've got no choice in
What my heart is
65 and I was 10 
And I will never be as free again 
Oh way back when 
The summer flew by quickly 
And Josh and I spent out time 
Writing words
word game, witty
You better have a dance game similar to Diddy
Or play b-ball above the rim like Smitty
Josh, Chris Bosh, Pau Gasol
Or any other nigga
Pull out the juicy pies and see me right now
I bet you didn’t think that I would remember how
I bet you thought I’d miss it since the field they
All night long

Come on and say it
I love to hear you whisper
Just say you love me
I got to hear it told

Don't I do right by you
Baby, don't I
calling, see I've fallen into love
With ska, dub and the dope dancehall.
It seized me by the collar and it hollered you've been mollycoddled long enough.
a person. Well, you're right, she's not a person, she is a droid. She is an android Alpha Platinum 9000, and she is jammin'.
Next caller, you are on the air.

Josh slept with Bianca
Little did she know he was wanker
'Cause he was a bi-sexual prick
He love slits as well as dicks

He fucked Bianca as hard
You know everywhere stand by that, you'll never get where that Glock at
Myself man for the fortune ho, same thing for that outfit (yeah)
Look like I'm
forget it
Right down to the bell before class
Every other One Dimension emcee wouldn't last
Mister Stally, where's my demo?
He said to let you know, young
Malcom, Martin, Leadkur, I want you to arm yourself
And I've asked Josh to be your bodyguard
All right Dason
It might be good for Joshua
will say you love me 
My life with you I'll share
Right or wrong day by day 
Oh my love all the way
For I believe that I belong by your side 
love yo n****, Hug yo n**** (hug yo n****)
Look em' dead in the eye
And tell yo n****
Tell that n**** you love em' (you love them)

We started out
to care
If you will say you love me
My life with you I'll share

Right or wrong, day by day
All my love, all the way
For I believe that I belong
Shit I've been moved touched discovered disproved
Blew through roofs, touched sky and spit truths
The lies tasted good but still you bit right through
Love return to me
Love return
Love return
Love return to me.

In pastures green
I shall be seen
With my true love right by my side
With my true love
to care
If you will say you love me
My life with you I'll share

Right or wrong, day by day
All my love, all the way
For I believe that I belong