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damaged, hanging from the line
Her love's unlimited, she lays there playing Barry White
Girl she plays me Barry White
All night as we drift into the light

(instrumental break)

The colors of a pretty the sky
Are there on the faces.....of people ..going by
I see friends
when you fall

I'll catch you when you fall
There's no one else but you
Now, you're flying high but honey by and by
You're gonna cry for love that's
remember, it may not heal this time
Pamela, there is no second chance, for the one who leaves it all behind

(Instrumental break)

All that I love (all
the buildings
Do it for the love of the art and the children's
And throw paper machet inside of ya models
See we all throttles, we zip by in this drive
Barry White, he woke me 
Out of my sleep
"Love Unlimited" on infinite repeat
I live alone, 
So why's the shower running?
My mind is groggy 
white to black

We got problems like never before
That won't fade by lockin' your door
Or runnin' away, so hear what I say
Yo, talk is the only way

also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
They're really saying I love you.

I hear babies crying, I
[Chorus w/ minor variations]

[Trick Daddy]
Listen to me! I want to be a legend one day, that way
I can be put in the same category with Barry White
ya past
I love how you snap back and get the last laugh,
I love the way you crib smell like ______ candle incents
The white that you use
the buildings
Do it for the love of the art and the children's
And throw paper machet inside of ya models
See we all throttles, we zip by in this drive
the weed spot, pounds of purp, bowl of cereal
Cartoons is on, my favorite shit is The Smurfs
Now I don't slip when I'm down in the dirt, 
cause by this
Ayo, you ready? Yeah, I'm ready right, the fast life
Getting twisted almost every night, my mind is deeper
Than the voice featured on Barry White
I never get busted and have to pay some fines 
For havin' a, secret garden, like Barry White 
I must not tell anyone and keep my lips sealed tight
heard of ecstasy?  I said I listen to Barry White
She said it's more like Betty White nigga, tonight's the night
I pulled ten bucks out the cut, she
Dirty Bastard]
Yo! Met this bitch by the name of Subie
She was a bad bitch, she had a big ol' booty
She got me setting up when I went to the projects
the pearly gates to sit down in that white chair
Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Barry White did
Carry Mims Senior, Joanne right there
I don't need money; all I
mom reunite there
Then it's off through the Pearly Gates
To sit down in that white chair

Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye
Barry White dead
Carry Mims Senior,
candle incense
The white voice you use on the phone when you handle business
I love it when you freaky, I love when you a lady
Rockin' door knockers from
Even a man who is pure in the heart
And speaks in prayer by night
May become a wolf when the wolf's bane blooms
And the winter moon is bright"
on heights, wishing for Nikes in different flavors
The age of Kane and Big Daddy,shown by the caddies
Uncles named Larry, that really never grabbed me
My mother
[ Murs ]
There's a party goin on, in my mind, that is
But really it's my crew and these three white kids
One brother, one sister, some other mister
What's your name lil' momma, I'm T-Double
I been sent here by God, so I can look out for ya
And you gon' love what I got for ya
Tender lovin and care,
But like dancers that love to strip, they back up on my dick 
And of course, maybe it's because of the fact that I'm rich 
And the diamonds up on my
and you'll see all the pain the strain the game no love mayn.
I'm from tha projects so you know I'm a project that money and weed be the susbject its