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the 3rd degree
The 3rd to be urgen me, these niggas want to murbed me
They scared of the consequences comin' from my defenses

It ain't that expensive, have
with the hippies, bikers, thugs
Hit me with a micky, fast women and drugs
1 love, for 2 minutes a 3rd minute I'm gone
Wake me up to eat around
Gorged on speed and bitter words
Found ourselves on be and 3rd

One more time
Feast and fast, burn and crash
Couldn't seem to make it last
You stole
to see me doin 10 in 
See it's vicious out chea on these 3rd world streets 
Them people tryin to stop the hustle 
But yet they survivor just like me
where death is, where no more breath is and 
3rd graders learn how to leave you chestless
Where god is dissed, dismissed and distant and far 

like the brain 

show 'em what you mean 

(Lee Majors 3rd verse) 

face to face 

the mics embraced 

tracks is laced 

if I ruled
falling t.v.s
Moe and me, we have been a lot
Looking for some head in a little bitty shop
On top, on wrist rock it's going down
H-Town southside 3rd
sword mince a wimp twelve gauge
any day my son, I don't like guns
I don't like roses that I step on for fun
in the first place, 3rd Bass?  I'm at home
around me.
This little shell of comfort,
I'm still putting in my hours for it.
Drive around, just stop and go,
I gotta reach my destination.
1st gear, 2nd
back down my family tree
Its been with me since my first LP
2nd LP I was sittin in court
3rd LP I was trapped in the belly of the beast, got it back
ain't all that good
A little southern hospitality
You'd better try to get away from me
I love money, and I just can't fake it
I go to Magic City
feel like fuck y'all hood Hell nah bitch nigga it ain't all to the good [Hook - 3x] [Kurupt - Over the 3rd Hook] Yeah that's what's wrong with y'all
the drop son
3rd the king of cloverland, Slim thug is the boss son
Paul Wall made me the hardest grill I done bought for
For a 100 K ,a 100 carat Paul

A bit past 1:30 a.m. now 
And the 3rd prisoner slowly makes his way
To the designated spot on prison grounds
Where he will be executed by way
Congressmen in seats 

Your little raps won't even last 

in this world of cheats 

(chorus 2x) 

3rd verse 

(david banner) 

The sun shines
certified baby
Jazzmatazz 3rd edition, gifted unlimited rhymes universal
No rehearsal, certified with virtue, respect the circle

It's me and the be I L A L
When I was in the 3rd grade
I thought that I was gay
Cause I could draw, my uncle was
And I kept my room straight
I told my mom, tears rushing
When I was in the 3rd grade I thought that I was gay 'cause I could draw,
My uncle was and I kept my room straight
I told my mom, tears rushing
Sierra Mist ass suckers is playing the 3rd wheel
The people know I'm for real
Ego Trip better put this rap on a list
I'm getting off like a slap
about love and what life could really be for me
She said, "when that shit is real, you just know"
And I was thinkin' 'bout you, you already know
said, "Punk muthafucka, won't you leave em the hell alone"
Down to the 3rd and got on the telephone
Called my bitch, but she showed me no love
Oh oh
Everywhere you are
Oh oh oh

It's 3rd back again
And I need you baby like oxygen
If I start from 10 telling you how I feel
By the time
feels he is being watched by more than just the curious deer 
nd west Texas highway transients
t dawn, he begins to feel the first nearly imperceptible
It's the KMD ? g fills 
Which builds up the fence for the fibs you're sprayin'
My ace is in the hole 
So what you playing 
"KMD and 3rd bass is just
you get 
a X by your name. 

3rd Verse: 
Now, what makes you think that you can play some 
real playa's play, nights on the phone with