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I've been set off by a pretty little girl 

I'm like a rocket from a bottle shot free 
I've been just explosive since you lit me 
I've been up with
a cheap wine, first love on a tailgate
A summer night in July, bottle rocket flying high
Fire poppin', body rockin', droppin' under the moonlight.

the best

Your body moved with grace and song
Like symphonies by Bach or Brahms
Nevertheless, oh oh

You took me riding in your rocket gave me a star
If it was ever on
But there's one thing julie
That'll always be the same
My love is a rocket
Like a rocket on fire
Goes straight up to the sky
a cheap wine, first love on a tailgate
A summer night in July, bottle rocket flying high
Fire poppin', body rockin', droppin' under the moonlight.

the Truck Stop Inn
With a bottle of booze in the back of my car
You're a song on the lips of an aging star

Razor Face, ooo amazing grace
Protects you like
Just like that rocket Grandpa rode

Yeah, it was the rocket that Grandpa rode
Sounds like braggin' but it's true
I'm not tryin' to big-time you
And send it to me, haa
Stick it in a bottle
It's always getting hotter
And send it to me, haa
Nothing gonna stop it
So shoot it like a rocket
And send
ticket and I won't be back
This Golden Rocket is gonna roll my blues away

Hear that lonesome whistle blow
That's your cue and by now you know
the Mexican boy 
Born in a truck on the 4th of July 
I fell in love with his sister unrepentantly 
Fearing he wouldn't approve 
We made a lie that was feeble
Because you can
Blinded by the rubberbands
Blinded by the rubberbands
Blinded by the love
Rockets fly out
Sky now
Don’t forget icing
( in these crazy times,
How very sweet to know,
Our love is like the love of long ago . . .

In these crazy times,
When life is wild and strange,
People talk bad when they can't see the truth
Like the way my heart goes crazy when
You walk in the room

You are the sad girl who lost her rocket
I saw my love by the restaurant
Diggin for home fries in a garbage can

Ice cream & cake
Sweetness & light
A bottle of wine
That would be nice ?
is coming, so you better get on your knees
Today, bottle rockets are two for one but salvation's free

He said, "I quit my job at a big church where
in a bottle (bottle)

That I never thought at all the love we had would go away
Put your back against the wall

I was your bread and butter
who loves you like I do
When you get tired of runnin'
You can turn around and walk back to me

The years just seemed to roll on by them
She missed
She's got a beer bottle cap in her back pocket 
She laughs at Metallica and loves bottle rockets 
She got chicken wire tattooed around her arm
morning, if I’d been by your grave
But that flag and stone ain’t where I feel you anyway

I drive your truck
I roll every window down and I burn up
So unusual
Life's a gas and it's running out
Living a cliche
Gonna seize the day
Bottle rockets and celebrate, celebrate, celebrate

Carpe diem,
of bottles because she ain't lookin' for love

That's no love, that's no love
That's your bitch, get up in my truck
You ain't give her what she needed, and she
I bring you laughter
From a serious guy
Still nervous like a school boy
And I don't know why...
(A little love) will make it alright
A little
into my home
You're like a bottle sent with a message
But you're sinkin' like a stone
If I had your name
I'd be changin' it by now

If I was
Young fat dog I love everyone

I feel like I've been run over by a truck
I don't care much about anything
I'm happy to sing
I'm lacking
by the rubberbands
Blinded by the [love?]

Cigar smoke stretchin' over borders
Creepin' like silent thief
The bird [stares?]
[Sleeping?] like