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Atlantic to be by your side

On the morning we parted, how sad the farewell
Our words, they were few, but our thoughts none could tell
And when lost to my
Captain Richardson
Left himself a lonely wife in Hull.

I lost a ship in the Baltic sea.
I'm on an iceberg running free.

[Fredro Starr]
Yo! Turn that shit up, word up! 
Afficial Nasty Niggas...Fuck Dat!
Ya niggas is dead-ass!
Know what I'm sayin'?
We're payin' my niggaz
They knew about the dangers but were corrupted by "go fever" 
Like a bride who's not in love but really really really really wants a wedding 
the gun or by the rifle
Think they got a reason that ain`t really sure
The death toll rises more
It`s trife the way some live life
I love rap, I like
my life

Now that I lie
Against these raucous Atlantic tides
Now that I lie 
Alone without her by my side
Now I just try to explain to her that I
Can't seem to leave the sea anymore. 
I just can't understand why you just moved to Finland. 
You love that Vicar more then words can say. 
Starr (Damn!) hazardous
Thugs that got love for this hiphop and shit
Makin words rhyme at the same time poppin shit

I used to go to jams, and drop
waiting by the back door
Saw London rain wash out a Brooklyn night
I’ve seen Copenhagen fading in my mind

I’m lost, I’m lost from finding
Is what you
forgot. I'll say that we couldnt sleep just staring at the clock. But when numbers seem to blur and the reflection is lost. Anything is love as you stare
simple chord for the future
One touch from the master's hand, one simple chord for all of the future!

Monitored by the eye in the sky, while we map it
Aesop Rock - The Tugboat Complex Pt. 3

I could make 'em all dance, or I could sleep
I could walk with a limp and make your step feel incomplete
That was me in BK on Atlantic
Never looked both ways, ran in traffic
Pops went away but I stayed, vagrant
Placed where the steel and cement became
highest honor
Gotta take care of them kids, man I kno' ya heard Obama
And I love motor island, Atlantic in my backyard
I just tell my pilot to land it in
this drama
I act like Jeffrey Dahmer
I beat her then I eat her
Nigga's sweet,there's no one sweeter
I think I lost my tweeter
To your pussycats
Cripalette got love for die-'Rus
A hoe ain't shit
Sure 'nuff by a Slob bitch
Cause they would fuck a Slob
And come suck a Crip dick
I can't trust the hoe well,
Cripalette got love for die-'Rus
A hoe ain't shit
Sure 'nuff by a Slob bitch
Cause they would fuck a Slob
And come suck a Crip dick
I can't trust the hoe well,
the Police.
I met a Material Girl who said Poppa Don't Preach.
They say love bites like an angry Def Lepperd,
Like a Nine Inch Nail being pushed in by Trent
dispersing the verse commercially or underground
one love bound by culture and sound
been around the world and no denying
we're all under the same
hit the scene like sandstorms, then transform, watch me
I take the figure of dirty niggaz, who all got me
While bitches wonderin who shot me
No love
do-or-die, homicide
But tell me the reason for lost lives
Could it be we all caught up in a scandalous system?
Fallin' through the cracks, blinded by