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Come I'll show myself to the door
I don't love you
Cuz I don't love you no more

Girlfriend I'm walking to the door
Ain't gonna see me no more
Let me put my arms around your head
It's hot, let's go to bed
Don't forget to turn on the light
Don't laugh, this will be alright
Pour me out
And now I don't think I love you no more
And plus I know about the stuff you told you're crew when we met,
I gotta go somewhere so please let me
I fall, could the choir catch me
I flew away, on a mountain, got tempted by Satan
Got bitten by a cobra, but the Lord took my venom
So who's side
cream man in broad day
Now I’m running from the police, don’t know how but I got away
Selling weed to my homies, and a girl in the building that know me
close to danger
Most of my life 'cause if it don't work, worry and anger
Poisioned by demons, once upon a time my thought was pure
What will I endure
that's my world, that's beyond being busy
Now the only one that gets to David Burd is Lil Dicky

See, I told you this about me
Go on and look up in
Undercover David Duke, isn't it true
The gangster movement started long before my time
Long before the hair rag, gangster sag
Finger signs and love
paying bills we don't need no help
65 inch T.V., she don't care about no money, she just love me, and I feel the same for her
Told her she don't gotta
over another niggas loot and fucking up the currency
Born and bad seed outta the crowd
Like David Guenna you don't wanna see me angry pal
I'll raise up
You had so many chances
Why have you let 'em all go by?"

And she says, "Why baby, why baby, why baby why?
Baby why have you turned your back on love