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the place of you in my heart?
And doesn't anyone fill the void?
Doesn't anyone kill the joy?
Doesn't anyone take the place of you?

I let a stranger love
you're true
Someone outtimed my heart
Stopping and preaching and letting love in

You are my moon, you are my sun
Heaven knows what you are
Love doesn't ask why 
It speaks from the heart 
And never explains 
Don't you know that 

Love doesn't think twice 
It can come all at once
being trapped in a casket inside a tomb

Death defied by will
Like a drug that doesn´t kill
Boy you gotta learn what´s true
Death defied by will
Then I will

The pleasure of life
Is the pain of living
What we take out
Is replaced by "giving"

If the love doesn't set you free
Then I will
And bow down
To the others
Who love to call you their names

They've been wanting
To kill you
In your sleep

And all the bull
That people sling
Don't you kill love don't you kill love don't you kill love

In the blink of an eye time passes us by
Where does it go
Now will you take a stand
brain doesn't want to
Silent call for you
What have I done to you

Kill and run, kill and run
I'm one of the dirty guns
Kill and run, kill and run
So you heard there was a spark of love that I have for you
You come back to kill it like you always do
You found it weak and tremblin' hangin'
fight and collide

I'd love to see a different world
A place where you can't find me

Feel me, kill me, my back's up against the wall
Your magic
surely kill us all !!
She's just a...
Lalalala Lalalalala
You're nothing but a little lyin' ass bitch !
You know she says she loves you but you know
You can come with me

What doesn't kill you
Only makes you blonder
My heels and my hotel
They just got taller
Somethin' bout platinum
it's deafening 
If I take a second glance, don't confuse it with romance

If I let hang around it doesn't mean I love you
Just because I put you down
By trying to get so damn near me

My love is not up for negotiation
"Hello" doesn't mean an open invitation
Don't take it personally 'cause
Fairweather father
Fairweather father
Doesn't like to hear the baby cry
Doesn't like to about the aches and pains
Of the day gone by
Of the day
Will it be too late when you turn away?
Will it be too late? There's too much to be said

Corrupting your words, destroy the weak
Kill everyone
to kill)
License to kill, ooh

Hey baby, think you need a friend to stand here by your side?
Yes, you do (your side)
Ooh, baby, now you can depend on me
to kill)
License to kill, ooh

Hey baby, think you need a friend to stand here by your side?
Yes, you do (your side)
Ooh, baby, now you can depend on me
I never needed your cry
I love your cry
It doesn't matter because I'll make you crawl

I know that your ashamed
So ashamed that is kills you
Uh, Fiji water granddaddy purp
Excuse me I let the semi-automatic burp
Blood game muthaf-cka call me red alert
Young Carter kill in order,who get
Did he rise from the ashes and lead the sky above
Did he lie in the name of love 

In the garden 

Do you believe in the path that you follow
His creation.

We'll have children (Lua), of the Kingdom (Joshua).
They won't be torn by war, nor will they
Kill or hate, or hesitate, to love
love didn't work out
You're trying to work the hurt out

Lookin' for any kind of love at all
It doesn't matter if the last that long or
If it's right
When it seems impossible just keep on believing
I don't have to receive the report of the enemy
You can't go by what you see
Just follow the trust theory
safety as I'd never known
Oh, I knew nothing, I was sick
And I don't blame a thing that you did

It doesn't have to hurt anymore
No, it doesn't have