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Or catch me on the dancefloor feeling some tits
Sex sells, so I'mma P-I-M-P
So my pockets never be empty
It ain't no problem, we scoop them models
We got
[Lil' Romeo]
Let's Conquer, Big Daddy, Kevin Miller, Grandma Miller and Grandma Elizabeth

Lil' Romeo (Repeat 3x)
To My Loves I gone, I gotta
youknahmsayin evade all the problems
and danger brought on by accounts of struggle (struggle)
in society, a.k.a. the streets, a.k.a. our enemies (out enemies)
though it's fuck free, it's all about the paper

I love to live expensive, smoke like I'm in Jamiaca

Even when I'm broke I think I'm like but a creater