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One way street
Moving in the wrong direction
It's a, one way street
Someone on my line, never gotta a bad connection

Surrender by voices, I don't
Love Child got connections ain't no motherfuckin' question

[Road Dawgs]
I'm deep with a vicious vendetta 
Silence prospectors, objectors

One way street
Moving in the wrong direction
It's a, one way street
Someone on my line, never gotta a bad connection

Surrender by voices, I don't
Points to the nation
North, south
Cut the connection)

Steal her
We cross the border
Steal love
Still life
We cross the border

And time
by those who burn us down with their lies
(who burn us down with their lies)
Together we rise to love our souls beyond time
Our connection's so
love, my love

Our love is the future
I thought we would never see
Let's move to the future
Where you can connect with me
Mr. Wonderfull you, you're thinking 'bout life
You're thinking 'bout love, 
You're thinkin' 'bout the ways to break it down
You got 18 myths and 5
slip away
Now all of the distance
Ever less with every day by day

So far
There was no connection
No spark
Out of which a fire grows
I start
a connection
How do you make a connection

Who do you love?

Don't let the noise confuse you
It's just something that you're used to
You never knew any different
(What...) What's that you said my dear, this connection's not so clear
But if you said I love you, then you know that I feel the same way

Hope the kids
Now there is a way to say I love you
And it's said ev'ry day by some kind of fool
But where is the way to tell her goodbye
We both can't be wrong
the final curtain and forget the bitter blow

Got a lot of combination it's a fusion of love
Mention intervention been bitten by the bug


of the thousand days
They go by fast Anne
Those thousand days
Anne of the thousand days

The ink was still wet
On your love letters
I should've known
Yet spoke of life most free from slavery
With eyes that showed no trace of misery
A phrase in connection first with she I heard
That love is just
When we're talking and nobody's there
We're safely in the dark alone
A conversation that nobody hears
Is transferring from home to home
"But it's a Herut Likwit Crew Connection"
"But it's a Herut Likwit Crew Connection"

Don't regret it  you had your chance and couldn't set it
I love you
I love you
I love you

Baby I love you
You are my life
My happiest moments weren't complete
If you weren't by my side

You're my
everywhere I go
And when I find you there's gonna be
Just one thing that you gotta know
My love will not let you down
My love will not let you down
world love it
Sweet reggae music, mek you so fit
Hey hey rock with the vibe, don't disturb it
Move with the beat and groove it
Bubble and settle bit by
Nothing but a tear, that's all for breakfast
Watching you pretend you're unaffected
You're pulling our connections, expecting me to let you go
it was?
And down below as up above
It's a universe of love.

Everything has one connection
Synchronized, as one perfection

And endless flow
on rolling till I find the connection
Hold on to your lifeline
Don't let go
Don't let go

I'm sitting at the wheel
Watching the river roll, roll on by
Angel eyes..see the glory. 
Angel eyes..know the story. 
They see the hearts that break. 
They see the love you make. 
The story never ends.
heard a voice coming from the blue
True love was calling out
And it was calling them both by name

Started with a whisper
Pretty soon he kissed her
on true love
So, by changing her misconceptions
She went in a new direction
And found inside she felt a connection
She fell in love.

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