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an old, old friend
Just like a used to be
Well, I know by heart the words
She wrote to me

Oh yeah, well, well

She said, "Dear Mister Johnson
Please sent
read my mind

That little Johnson boy from down the road
Was asking if the kids could come and play
Lord I wish I could have told them yes
But I just
(brian greenway)
Published by greentunes, inc. - bmi

Whoa yeah
She was down and out, had just enough
Of the things to keep a young girl alive
It was
no pe
From the nashville skyline
Girls in south country
In this world gone wrong
So here's another love song

[verse 2]

We came a long way baby
[ performed by MC Lyte and Milk Dee ( ) ]

A friend of mine (Which one?) Cecilia
(Yeah?) has a man (so?) a dealer
(Which one?) Born - Born Supreme
Growing off of his shoulder 

Billy had two big
Caves for eyes,
With a cliff for a jaw
That would go up 'n down,
And whenever it did,
He'd puff out
blacks in the west.
Bose Ikard and Brit Johnson, were two of the best.
Then came Dick Shafer, a Marshall, and tough.
The "Peerless" Jess Stahl who was
we miss you so
We want why'all both to know
We really love you so
Eh yo, I'm Gucci down
Wally boot, Jamaican hat, long 4-pound
Ask niggas how I
this bar!

By two o'clock, when the bars are already closed down, BILLY had broken 'THE BIG NEWS' to ETHELL. And with dust and boulders everywhere,
2Pac, Biggie, ohh how we miss you so
We want y'all both to know
We really love you so

A-yo, I'm Gucci down
Wally boot, Jamaican hat, long 4-pound
with the most knowledge will obtain to touch top dollars
Hold me down, hand me my cake, dusty, bake, activate
Fuck your corny debates
I'm like cake
the words, I love you like the Felatio baby
Don't smother, we came at the same time, uhh, you like that
Each silouette she teach pilouette eat me wrong
It's by far the most dangerous subject to touch
Yet we actin' like its lust, yeah right
Will lust have you up at 5 writing a text
Trying to get
While I wipe down the awning
Hey y'all, good morning

Ice cold piragua!
And just for today, I got mamey!