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Just stop by to hit it quick and get enough, a-get enough

(Chorus: Oobie) 2x
Tonite I'll sleep with nothing on
So make sure that you hurry home
at his dying hour

[Chorus] 2x
Now leading back to that night
Reality strikes
Them unknown faces are the casualty types

When you watch yo' nigga
and fights
'Cuz our breakin' up
And our makin' up
Has made some unforgettable nights
Repeat Chorus 2X
Lying in my arms
The calm after the storm
[KC and JoJo of Jodeci] 2X 
How do you want it 
How do you feel 
Comin' up as a Nigga in tha cash game 
Livin' in tha fast lane 
I'm for real
Written by bob welch.

Don't think your dreams are sane
They're taking over your life
I stuck to you but I found out
That you was the crazy kind
And this love song is dedicated to my daddy

Chorus:  repeat 2X

Thank you Daddy
I know that I'm blessed
To have a father like you
'cause you've
Oh my block, I wouldn't trade it for the world
'cause I love these ghetto boys and girls
born and raised, on my block...

[Chorus] - 2X
Friday's are tight but Saturday just makes it old 
When tonight's are hot warm enough to feed your soul 
Growing old 

Musical Interlude 2X 
("96 gonna
Take my hand lets be bold and find eternity 2x

Verse Two:

The preacher came and we signed our love
And they know we are meant to be (oh oh eah
straight got up

Bitch here's a towel
Wipe the nutt of your butt

Hook 2X

She came over to eat this rap dick
Yea I cocked the hoe
Yea I
Written by bob welch.

I guess you've heard about the bermuda triangle
There's something going on
Nobody seems to know just what it is
we doin this all night long.

Come on make it hot.
Baby girl, won't you do your thang, make it pop.

Chorus 2x

It's a party at my house.
And if you're looking you will find it Right About Now 2x
cause I was struggling
Muscling anything in the way 
of me seeing first motherfuckin light of the day

Chorus: repeat 2X

My pockets ain't hurting that's
Written by bob welch.

For a little peace in any season
I'd give up anything but your love
I don't want to trade, tryin' to be happy
That's only
(inside my heart)
And the seconds we have left
(inside my heart)
I know you're here inside my heart 2x

Hold your hand with mine
In this
Written by bob welch.

Don't let waters of caution remove you
Don't let the fire of saints compel you
Don't let the lack of their spirit blind your
flowin' over, with the waters of love

Rise, rise high
It's just so easy to let it all fall by the wayside 2x
Gotta get up, gotta get up.
Come on'
to kiss you
Shining like crystal, and at your wake I pass your ma a tissue
Chorus 2X
He was only thirteen when he burst his splean
The shot was fatal
too damn hot
so if you ain't got one then you gotta run
handle it, or tell the whole world that...

Written by bob welch.

Two different glasses are filled with champagne
What is the meaning of this ?
Cause all of that atmosphere painfully made
gonna make things right -
Is to get yourself together and Live Ya Life...

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

Keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on strugglin' [4X]
what you need to do is sat dat ass there
and uh, right about now, I bout to fire up one of these spliffs
and get so high

(Chorus) 2x


indeed, my mind's relatin 

Better act now, before your life is wasted 

cause time is racin 

Chorus 2X 


Yeah, now do you
love to Heavy-D

Chorus 2X