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Barbra Streisand and
Then set up a conference call
With Sammy Davis and Charles de Gaulle.

Call me Walter Cronkite
And tell him Nancy Dickerson said

Oh, you beautiful fool
Swimming upstream, kicking up waves
Dreams weren't meant to come true
That's why they call 'em dreams
Oh, you
drives a sports car
To the Warner Brothers ghost
He used to live in England
Now he loves the coast (chorus)
Some times a friend comes by
To sing
Love to watch The Box, music video tracks
Always stayed in school, my mother raised no fool
And if I broke any rules, then my pops got rude
God (To the Beat y'all

Verse 1

A lot of love lost your days is getting cloudy now I'm gonna see how many can really stand the rain

 Bumpy back
Artist: Ray, Goodman & Brown
 Heaven In The Rain -1981 - 4:19
LP/CD: Stay - Polydor 1981
Composers: D. Thomas,L.
I'm still burning duct tape.)

Nigga, this rap shit slow?
I'll be back selling blow
Posted right there by the store
Selling narcotics for
Feel my nature rise, blood shot red eyes
Waitin' in your back seat, catch you by surprise
Situations and circumstances make you take them
on a freestyle, like Walter Payton
Or Gary Payton the glove I show love, I ain't never been no scrub
Nigga every time I wreck a tape, them boys be like Flip come
much love for my nigga named Screw
The Kici's in this bitch, my nigga Jonathan
I got about 6 or 7 pounds from him
He broke em all down and we all got