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trying to express my lyrical flow

[Talib Kweli with Musiq Soulchild harmonising throughout]
Yo, yo
It feel good, it feel so damn good, it feel
It feel
(Trials and tribulations, thick and thin, baby lets go)
Lets make a reality show

[Musiq SoulChild]
Hey, listen
You already know what it is
more love
In this world 

Yo, you've reached Musiq's cell phone, uh,
I'm sorry I cant pick up right now
I'm kinda busy at the moment
But if you
There isn’t much love goin’ around
We should try to give a little bit more

Yo, you’ve reached Musiq’s cell phone
I’m sorry I can’t pick up right now
Ay, motherfucker
Yo, funk doc, my man musiq, check it out

It's the doctor Bombay, da yellow hombre
Spotted like kwame for smackin' a blind date
Ayyy, motherfucker..,
 Yo, Funk Doc, my man Musiq, check it out (AOWWW!)

It's the Doctor Bombay, da yellow hombre
Spotted like Kwame for