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quand je prends ta main

It's your courage that makes my own
Me who is strong to a point to be affected by every little thing
I calm myself
to be affected by every little thing
I calm myself when I hold your hand
J'aimerais croire que ce prince joli
Qui réveillait en caressant
for Diani
And if I die then she'll be protected by Amani
That's her bigger brother and I love the way he love her
She a girly-girl, she love
Melanie Fiona
Word up all my soundboy killers
The DJs, all the fuck down man, word up man

Hundred cases of motherfuckin' Guinness
Nigga you know how we win
Music by mitchell lennox & julien nairolf
Lyrics by melanie thornton, mitchell lennox & julien nairolf

I wish it was love
I wish it was
won't set her free
She passes time by singing
Like someone else I know
As years go by she sits and waits
As years go by? Uh oh
A torturous existence
Music by bobby stalker & jay tee rogers
Lyrics by jay tee rogers & melanie thornton

I apologize
For being faithless
I apologize
We all have
tells me someday I'm gonna love again.

The way that she walked out on me
Still tears me apart
So please don't speak of my heart.

Every day's an endless
Oschino and Sparks and Freeweezy (holla!)
Mickey, Melanie, Chris and Neef, hey!
All I need is the love of my crew
The whole industry can hate me I thugged
need my help here in settin' the mood!

Oh, you don't believe love is blind?
Well, I've got some friends who think otherwise.
And here they are,
I kissed her once
then she started to harass me
she called all night long
I had to buy a brand new phone

And let me see
there was Melanie
J’sortirai d’manière honorable
J’te l’dis d’avance, nique sa mère le rap
Qu’est-c’tu m’racontes?
À part les loves y’a rien qui m’motive