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like that
No peace and calm in the strength of a stranger's arms
Baby wake up to yourself
Love ain't guaranteed, no, but it sure is worth a new start
Yeah Renegades is back and the beat is sick,
Jay Z, Freeway, 8 Miles,
Let's go

8 miles and running, got my 7 album droppin',
And my 8 album
I've loved and lost again
From now on all of my friends are gonna be strangers

So I fell in love with a beautiful stranger
It's just an arrangement
to the moon and the stranger
And your fall by the sword love affair with Erroll Flynn
in these times of compassion when conformity's in fashion
Say one more
Sweet from the honey bee
You know my baby is sweet as honey
Sweet from the honey bee
Ain't nothin' else to sing of in my life
Ooh, she'd be so nice
And I can feel the love
Tonight I'm gonna hit the club
I'm in casual linen shirt and pants
I can't wait to dance
This is your weatherman
It's gonna
a stranger, kiss him goodbye, yeah, bye bye baby

One night ain't no love affair, but I won't ask no more from you
One night with you anywhere, heaven
the first album even the gals were like "tight lyrics, dreamy eyes"
But my fucking mouth was nightmare-ish

And from the start of it you felt like you were
Dr Dre
Ay ay Snoop whattup this your nigga dre
Ay man I was thinkin' I ain't said shit on your whole motherfuckin' album
So check it out put
Dr Dre
Ay ay Snoop whattup this your nigga dre
Ay man I was thinkin' I ain't said shit on your whole motherfuckin' album
So check it out put
Stranger I know where you'll find her
Down the road from here about a mile and a quarter.
You'll know the place by a shackey barn
That stands in
to ask a favor, don't talk to me like I'm stupid
Got no love for you haters, so send that message to cupid
Give a shout out to Who Kid, (why give a shout
I'm weary from this river
It flows far but never nearer to my home
And the war is upon the shores
Keep the single girls indoors
And so all my
become public enemies
We walk away like strangers in the street
Gon' for eternity
We erased one another
So far from where we came
With so much
and then fart it
And y'all think I'm gon' stop? Blow it out ya ass!
In one year I got rich, now life's moving so fast
But being broke with no food is just
This is the time to be in the moment
Ain't no room for stalling room time for living in the moment
Slip inside the rhythm let's get 'em, yahm
to you
Then know that I’m overworking myself ‘cause my heart and mind into it
Ain’t been a black hero since Robert Townsend
So for meeting your man I
stranger but just not now

Insomnia drains my life
Gone is the stranger from a forgotten time
Fly me out of the window sill
No, it ain't about my life and it
And her echo is slowly fading from my brain
Like a stranger's face seen from a passing train
Out of time
There ain't no perfect crime
been years in the makin
When you think about it we always take a couple years to bring an album out
This album was jam-this album is jammed like
at the start of 1971, by the way. Best of vol.2, 1973 is the first actual Bee Gees album that had it. This is their second recording of it; that first one, was
It's done, is often hard to
See it through
So never let your words be lies
Or they'll come looking for you

It's a hard life to love

cracks sack by sack so they could function?
Well, yes and no
Yes we were selling it
But no it wasn't blow
Cook it in the basement then move it at a show
True Love, you can't buy it - no, no
You know it ain't like nothin' else
True Love, you really ought to try it
You owe it to yourself to get ya
folks think it's make believe
Other folks ain't so naive
About a smoke signal
Could see it coming
A smoke signal
Hear the drums drumming

You don't