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louie louie lou-ee
When ya gonna come back home
Louie louie louie lou-ii
You know I hate to see you cry

Sittin' on the hood of your car
Starin' up
We're positive and no matter what you think we really care.
Games! Oh, ee, oh, oh, oh, 
Games, games, games, games, games.

Somebody said somebody
And my heart beats just like a drum
Look how far we've co-o-ome, so far, baby
I feel like you're never arou-ou-ou-ou-ound

I thank you (for
Na-na-na-na-na-na - na-na-na-na-nah // nah - na-ee-nah-ee-ah - yah-dee-yah-dee-yah 
Michie one and louchie lou just passin through! 
Fer real! tell