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Little by little the night turns around. 
Counting the leaves which tremble and turn. 
Lotus's lean on each other in union. 
Over the hills where
Little by little the night turns around 
Counting the leaves which tremble and turn 
Lotus's lean on each other in union
Over the hills where
ready to shield yourself
And grab your sap and your heater
Get ready to shield yourself
On the night of the lotus eaters

Mmmm don't you love my baby
You are beautiful, small, and shy
You are the girl whose eyes met mine just as your boat sailed by
This I know of you, nothing more
You are
You are beautiful, small, and shy
You are the girl whose eyes met mine just as your boat sailed by
This I know of you, nothing more
You are
The many ways, the many w-w-ways
The many ways, the many ways
S l, the many ways
Eyes like lotus leaves, no not even like
Lotus leaves
Eyes like lotus
Is this the hell, the Bible wants will come?
The end for some
The Lotus never pass or fade
Grow in shade or light
Climates always right
Never ever
Don't be lookin' to the sky for birds or planes
All you'll find is a dark Lotus spittin' the black rain
Body slammin' each other on clouds makin'
to your side.
I've lived some time
By what the fortune-tellers say,
But now I know in love with u.k.

Everybody's talkin', front page news.
I come to somethin else
That's Lotus love nothin more and nothin less
Can't locate me
No thugs, no hugs, spit Wicked Shit
Lojack got an indicator
And she come and, let me ride like Über
Then I teach lil' momma how to ride lil smoother
Baby girl, gimme clues, no blues uh
Her love prolly right by
Thy merciful look gives love of Thy holy feet.

By no other method can one get a pure mind.
Now Lord, show me grace in this way,
Let me renounce all
Strikin' the belly of the seed to make it vomit
Things of beings is unseen by men
in shapes and form, never been dreamed by men
The word of God, always
In a love hotel at half past four
He'll purchase schoolgirl underwear
Meet Noboyushi Araki for dinner there

Professor Shaftenberg
I love to kiss on the bitches with bad breath
And choke them by the neck while I just fuck her to death

[Shaggy 2 Dope:]
Now tell me do you
the Buddha
Bring on the dancin' girls with long curls
Interlaced with lotus blossoms of pink purple and pearl
Enjoy your feast of drink and slaughtered
of the Lotus,
this was some company that they could only dream of.
I'm talking about the dead. Not just any dead.
I'm talking about they were joined by five
the pedals of the lotus
The night candles clean mind and soul
Shall invoke the power

They say they'll give me pain
They say they'll give me love
Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Dark Lotus Family, It's Our World
Lookin my crystal ball it's alright
Welcome, my curious sisters and brothers
water in the stream
Faster than your locomotive
Swoop by quick so no one would notice
Project lotus to styles to oldest
The coldest motherfuckas with
the curtains had been pulled by a hand unattached 
I lay propped on a pillow of eagle feathers on a couch framed with the skeletons of my uncles and great
on draw them superheroes with the curly hair
You're my daughter
My love
More than kin to me
This for you and the woman that you finna be
Tell that boy he's
sleep in a coffin, morbid
What a dead body in it, more morbid
I made love to a stiff
Her butt I'm stiffin' in high, right outta this orbit

That look
where nobody could hear her
It was just a cold gust of wind, I felt somebody pass through me
When I opened up my eyes, my only love appeared to me
Moon cycles revisited, womb fruit of the sun
Full moon of occasions wave the wolves where they run
And they run towards the light casting love