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Now they all must be devoured. 
Past events are all my jealous
Like children to be devoured by saturn. your home is now oblivion. 
Open hearted as a heart can be
'Cause we all a ruin like broken leaves
I give you me in oceans of tearz up to my knees
Stitched together like
Prediction a long, long time ago
Selassie was neglected, tell me when?

Like the tales of the Messiah, yah
All over again
Garvey was rejected tell me
I can pull up DOLO and you know it's a omen
Middle of the street and get it on like a Roman
Pray for me

Pray for me
When I die what will
Regions, my thought scheme was my like my offspring 
Now, it's teething 
My reason of rhyme applies to season and time 
Season of mind , body and regions
here's a couple more
Because the offspring are springing through swinging doors
Into a world of "ain't he cute, 
He looks a lot like his father"
Deal me out
Thank you kindly, pass me by
Pass me by, pass me by
If you don't happen to like it, pass me by

Lots of idle fingers
Snap to my command
to the last of the light and the long shadows it casts
A window grows and captures the eye
And cries out yellow light as it passes me by
And a young, shadowy
Listen mister I won't waste your time
I hope all the mistakes you made were a lot like mine
Lovin' girls too much sometimes they made you cry
that I now own
Well it doesn't go nowhere, it just stays all alone
You know, I like it
You know, I like it a whole lot

Well, that's my Dodge
How should I begin?
This is the story of a boy named Lonnie Lynn
As I said it, the spirits here whip me
He was raised in the belly of the city
picture god eaten by gray dogs
He stayed in his world
And he sidely sweard
To tell the truth, that DeVon was like
"Your out of cure boo"
Wisegod Allah,
(Pass me by, pass me by
If you don't happen
To like it, pass me by)
I got me ten fine toes
To wiggle in the sand
Lots of idle
Fingers snap
Mountains in Kauai
Make me feel so lowly
Cower at their power
Vertical I like
Dizzy under buildings
Bending like their willing
Is it what I’m
a brand new machine
I bought a whole lot of bling
Treat me like Weezy and Baby
Treat me like Mannie and Turky
I went to juvie with work on me
I had
sadly mistaken if you think my Aryan race
can be taken out by the likes of you Apes, Kikes
conservative nigga loving Gooks, Spooks, and Dykes
My Spikes,
to the mountains
Me, Renee, and Jim
But she can't accept it
No she don't like him

Well I guess it's normal
And time is a bridge
Anyway I miss you 
And I
opened the window.

Well, the window got shut, but me and Katie been thinkin'
We'll be ready to go by spring
But then, I got Katie pregnant and, man that
the tune I abide by
I'm aligned with goons, it's wireless like wi-fi
Why try? I'm on the cusp of greatness
You bum-ba-cluts fly, I'm on a fuckin'
Well there's a lot of things working against me 
But I know I can't lose 
Yeah, there's a lot of things working against me 
But I know I can't
A still-like state of disregard
From which you can’t fall back
You never fully moved me
I’ve been embedded in the dust
And my mind has been ravaged by war
neither in this cell
Nor in my heart
Only in my head

Yeah, some motherfucker told me um
I needed to stop dwelling in the past
Deafened by
(Pass me by, pass me by, if you don't happen to like it, pass me by)
I got me ten fine toes to wiggle in the sand,
Lots of idle fingers snap to my
you profiling, it's probably be more violence than looking
I'm so stylish, but I ain't talking eBay, no high end fashion either
If you catch me by
to believe, you can turn the page again
You lose your hope here, one by one
Listen to me, son, you've got nowhere to run

You are not perfect at anything,