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Hey yo when this first started off it was just Linkin Park...
Then in the middle came Motion Man...
And at the end of it all it was Kutmasta Kut wit
lost anyway

And the other will remain
Just sitting in a room which makes no sound
It doesn't matter now
The song has died away and echo's all around
of a Down,
Fell asleep in Linkin's Park and woke up in Marcy's Playground.
Sniffing White Stripes with a Seven Nation Army,
Waiting for Marilyn Manson to egg
The sun was going down
Over Echo Park
Wet raven hair
Glowing in the dark
And that's when the fever would rise
And lord what a look in her eyes
this fellow, affelious mellow to ignorant echo
With gun shots, plenty of fenny, each year spillin more henny and mary
Shout out 5 shuckin in the rock,
a sketch of me 
And everything I've made is trite and cheap and a waste
Of paint
Of tape
Of time

So I park my car down by the cathedral
As the nighttime falls I creep through the dark
I check out the scenes in Fort Greene Park
Lost souls in empty memory lanes
No life to live and no goals to gain
KRS One : Pop pop pop pop!
KRS One : Go uptown, go uptown, go uptown, go uptown (in the background)
(repeats while Tim Dog is speaking)