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And faraway frowns
Trying to be good
By not being 'round
And here in the bar
The piano man's found
Another nail for my heart

If you ever change
know what I can't see

* terri is it over again
Lost in love
Everybody laughing at me
With eyes like a child
You smile when you hit the tide
Holding me
g see bm see g see d d
If you want to get it on this way you'd better get a clear head hey, hey

In days gone by it was a diseased rye,
They burned
never thought I'd live to regret that day

* you put a scar on my heart I can't cover up and hide
I'm on the ropes in the corner with no fighter left
could've had in me
I guess you'll never know,
That's the way these stories go, no
You won't change cause you haven't
My mind's made up I'm glad because now
[disputed lyrics in brackets]
Have you ever had the time to see, me and you could change to be
Take a dream away with you live it now and you will
An outlaw on the run,
On this side of the sun.

I hoped I'd be a champion
And live without a care
I thought I'd change the world,
Make it just and fair
lost you(Have I lost you baby)
Tell me ooohhhhhhh


Why have I lost you baby?
I've been so lonely
(Steve Hill)
I'm lost in the jungle...not really minding at all.
Just one thing bothers me, how did I get here?
When you're in
and some moonlight
We'd slip down by the lake
Seventeen and restless
You know we just couldn't wait
And I wish I were rockin you tonight

I remember the day
I, I know I'm just a man, one grain of sand
I know, I know that she's just a girl, just one in the world
But I swear when I held her tonight, we
she's gentle
But I don't hear her words 'cause I slide the instrumental
Keep the girl in the distance, moves are very hazy
No sunshine in my life the way
and rock chick stockings
Now die
It's all about evil raps and weapons
Money and sluts and gats strapped by the intestines

(Hook x2)

(Instrumental til fade)
before me 
We'd own it.
Truth be the wise words spoken 
The I swings the sword
The Lord of all worlds being born
Word bond to the lost and the found
I down
machine - silver machine [4X]


We're sick of politicians harassment and laws
All we do is get screwed up by
a parrot sings a song in the minor key of see, 
To inspire me, so we will see, 
This neurotic harmony that develops sonically. 
I'll be writing my plan
William Shakespeare, uh
William Shakespeare was a verbal cun-tortionist
He could bend his words in the way a contortionist bends his frame without hope
during in the opening
Or she will be attacked by wicked pieces and driven back

It is very dangerous to make a raid
With the queen early on in the game
found a skeleton tooth in the junk drawer
And I mean to open the folding green and white door
And take a late train to my lost love
Faster, hammers!
"me", it's all about "us" now
And the children we bring into this union
Never thought I'd live to see my dreams come true, man

Look, all I know is
Carbon copy, I love my car, it's near choppy
Malachi off the funky pain with the wax poppy on instrumentals
Niggas get lost like S.S. Minnows
Turned out
Got DJ Scott LaRock by my side, not in back of me
'Cause we make up the Boogie Down Productions crew faculty
Get it right, or train yourself not
The soul's really what controls where everybody started

And where everybody's going to and up
Got lost in the dark because you didn't care enough
I'm like Simon so you'd better do what Simon Says 

I'm not Christopher Williams, but yo, I'm making promises 

My style's treacherous, it's so
ends, and we'll split ya, lost it in the stick up, yeah
We better shank 'em, thank 'em, fuck it, I thank 'em, and hope for respect
'Cause shit, he got