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Working from nine to five.

And time goes by
The hours tick away.
First seconds,
Then minutes,
Then hours into days.
Each day,
Each week,
I dream of Jeannie with the light brown hair,
Floating like a vapor on the summer air.
I hear her melodies like days gone by,
Sighing around my heart
They carved your portrait into woods
Our swords still under the sheets on T.V. screens and V.C.R.'s

Calling all jungle boys the party's over
everybody came around
It's here

Last summer we took threes across the board
But by fall we were a cover story, "now in stores"
Make us poster
It's so bittersweet now
When you know what you lost

Donnie was the boy you always wanted by your side
Donnie was the boy your girlfriends fell for
lipstick and crimes of passion
And lying kisses of fate
That can fall along the way Jenny

Come into the warm summer sun
Girls are walking one by one
The girls in their summer clothes
Pass me by

Kid's rubber ball smacks
Off the gutter 'neath the lamp light
Big bank clock chimes
Off go
and Hell always close by
Two worlds made on earth while we're still alive

Boy and girl in summer grass
Sun as witness, promise from the heart
To never
Before my second year of college, you were barely seventeen.
I was haulin' hay for your Daddy, an' you brought me a glass of tea.
To a farm boy
When they said hey boy, this ain't your home

There ain't no cure for the bleeding heart 
'Cause when you fall 
There's no second start in the city
the records and he's my protege
So check him out without a doubt and you will agree
He goes by the name of Cutmaster Cool V
Cut the funky records, for me
L.a. in the summer of '69
I went downtown and bought me some wine
Oh, I drank it down under the table
I said: watch me now,
I'm gonna eat
this poor boy's heart 
By the look in his eyes he ain't cried in 
And he's reatining a five gallon tear 

Doc wrote a prescription to induce
About a queen who lost her crown
About a boy who almost drowned
These angel city lights are mine
I wont forget but leave behind
Those five days of summer
thought he might lose his mind.

They got married on V.E. Day
By the preacher from my mama's church
Mama'd always dreamed of a honeymoon
But daddy had
the T.V. station
And good ole boys down at the park
The say "Hey, Willie" and those rock-a-billies
Made their way into my heart

I remember the old
figured at five to nine
But look at Epitaph, he wins it by a half
According to this here in the Telegraph
Epitaph, Valentine and Revere
I got the horse
There goes the boy from Santa Fe
Who lost his momma in the second grade
Played Romeo in his high school play
He's never been in an airplane
inside the man
The boy inside the man
When I turned twenty-five
We were hungry, we had drive
When I turned much older then
When the boy was lost in pride
What a dynamic entrance
Put a block on the words
This I hear on a train
We had salmon on a bus
At Epsom no races lost
We don't bet we just take
I've never seen before
A little boy lost in a breaking storm

Hide and sob, and away they fly
To write your name in the summer sky
Life has really
boy lost in a breaking storm

Pilots up, and away they fly
Some write your name in the summer sky
Life has really only just begun
Life, it comes
punched right in the stomach
Summer came looking for blood
And by autumn, I was left with nothing

It took a whole damn year to repair my body
It took
never touched the ground

Stolen time was ours to lose, by the light of a July moon
We were gone in seconds flat
And she said trust me boy so I
Let's go!
It's a summer paradise, crusin' with the boys and girls.
Surfin' day and night, everybody shootin' the curl.
Hang five