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Movie on my neck with the screen gems
Me and my nigga havin' bottle wars
Forty thousand on the floor when them bottles pour
Spill, nigga, a Blu Ray
me to finish write this paragraph
I remember when we all shoved snow frost bites and all
Temperature forty below
You used to call me lazy cause I
Last name was English and the first name Olde
But Gold couldn't take the dick it made me lazy
We split apart and now I met this new trick Dainy
Now me
'cause I done lost it, taggin' niggas like a pit bull with rabies
Gone off 40 ounces of o.e.
Creepin' up on you, like doin' my magnum p.i.
Lazy eye with
an automatic
Flem got the 40
He gone get rowdy
And ya don't want that shit
Cause its gone be naughty, by nature
Fuck a playa hater
Ima come through
And ya know