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As long as I remember  
I was left all by myself
When trouble crossed my way I stood alone
My old man hit the bottle 
My mom was running scared
Born in a graveyard adopted by sin
I cultivate evil that's living within
A preacher tried saving my black damaged soul
Possessed by a demon that
I'm losing my religion
Thank God
I prayed about my decision
How odd
For the man with the mic
To be the man all his life
While Christ-like
I keep a lighter in my pocket
Since the fall of 2005
I was there, waiting on a revelation
I was lucky to get out alive

I was looking for a name
Once I had the glory
And you'd follw every word of my law
Now I am cast from this role
Now I am broken

I'm losing control
A stranger in a state
the comet Hale

Don't be fooled by men who say"my new religion is the only way"
mother's love is there for you put your faith in what is real

the alter?
Should I walk the beaten path?
If I leave before I falter
Should I make the moment last?

Before I lose my faith
Losing my faith

Should I
Our love's becoming a thing of the past (x2)
Your kisses taste like it's goodbye
My eyes know they're gonna cry
I feel I'm losing you too fast, oh
Here in the darkness that I lay
Depression heavy in its weigh
And how my body aches to leave
To sing its final eulogy
My sons I love you evermore
The hatred just burns, it burns, it just fuckin' burns

I'm being overwhelmed I'm losing control
My childhood ripped away my innocence they stole
It's time
Tossing, turning, restless
Can not sleep
Drenched in perspiration
Dampened sheets
Nestled in nocturnal darkness lay
Reeling, my subconscious
Tossing, turning, restless
Can not sleep
Drenched in perspiration
Dampened sheets
Nestled in nocturnal darkness lay
Reeling, my subconscious
If religion dies it's not my boss

Perception always biased
Feeding off a fallacy
Your systematic way of life
Decided for you every night
far easier losing my memory

And the nightingale sang
"Sing love's lament
With a thorn at your breast
Impaled by her barb
Cruel and unforgiving
A dream, shown to me by countless shapes.
Visions that will never leave my mind.
Voices that cry out to me.
Saddened by the wars within,
a way

To rise above the shit
That surrounds me everyday
And keep my head held high
Keep my self-pride
Never change what I stand for
Always stand by what
I'm counting your lies
Cast me aside
I'm losing myself this time
All you little playthings so hard to understand
Send me
getting harder all the time, feels like I'm losing my mind.

Tied to the tracks and cursing the name.
Whiteout the thought, stare blank in the rain.
religion, walking away
My prediction, lost in the gray
I'm thinkin' the holy spirit don't really wanna hear it
So people who givin' me evil, they all finna
When it's late in the evening, no light and no sound
Mind is on empty, defenses are down
I'll shut my eyes to an ocean of blue
And run to you
cannot die
I take the dream

We're but fools of our fates, on this earth I shall wait
By the roots of my soul
I am losing control
Take the dream
I got a part to play
We going hard these days
F*** the harder way, we doing it the smarter way
To my god I pray
That's how I start my
religion at the door
We're smokin all of Krsna's weed, eye'm sick of these weak anarchies
You see me as a place to make a bruise, but in my reality eye'm
of confusion 
Man's abusing which religion are you choosing 
Substance abusing losing touch with reality 
Have you forgot about your family values 
Can't you
If there is a final hour
Let's hope for a higher power
1 by 1 and 2 by 2
I have ammo what about you [x2]

[Verse 1]
Grandma told me the good