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chick a chicken 
Cause she look like she got poultry around her thighs 
To callin' your piece a chicken 
Cause she got no teeth and she got crow feet
and your man blasted
Kidnapped and slapped in a van wrapped in Saran plastic
Get your damn ass kicked, by these fantastic
Furious four motherfuckers
the world will never see you again


Honest to god I usually try to keep to my self
But it's kinda hard when you surrounded by ignorants,
walk in my shoes
Bet everything you worth
You lose your tie
And your shirt
Since I'm in a position
To talk to these kids
And they listen
rock 'n' roll

And when it gets down to it
I lose myself, but can't let go
And when it comes down to it
I dare not lose my self control

I thought
you ain't either
(Will) But I know that I spit "Ether"
(Not) I shoulda crossed your belly
(Lose) Show you I'm not R. Kelly
X, pass me the weed, I'ma
The spot you wanted most has already been taken
And it's been taken by your own self
No reason for a hasty retreat
You're dead just a little bit
Words of the wise 
To self improve your lives 
Who else will wipe your tears 
As time goes by 
To ease your existence 
To make a small
A broken heart's not easy to mend 
Why must you break it again 
When you lose your prize possession 
Look around you're no exception 

Give it
[E] they can do or say whatever they want to us
[E] and that we won't retaliate
[X] Protect my motherfuckin self, by ANY
Immortal Technique]
I pledge no allegiance, nigga fuck the president's speeches
I'm baptized by America and covered in leeches
The dirty water that
of trading places
I have been changing faces
You can not fill these shoes
There is too much to lose
I wake up behind these trenches
You run around defenseless
As I sit back
Watching by
Yourself inside
Inside of my mind
Wrapped into your thoughts 
Into my mind
We've got to fight
These hands of time
Act stupid or lose it
Don't fuck with Quo
I'm kind of different
Not the usual
Sippin' cognac between two beautiful
Two bitches at the club
the railroad track
I'd like to be your friend

What we are is self-appointed there's nothing we can do
We'd lose touch with one another and that ain't fair
you ain't either
(Will) But I know that I spit "Ether"
(Not) I shoulda crossed your belly
(Lose) Show you I'm not R. Kelly
X, pass me the weed, I'ma
Clippers' game
I kill you in ways you couldn't even fathom
You and your madame, it's really unexplainable how I have 'em
Who call they self screaming about
and a suit and tie.
Fear of failure in comfort zones kill

Brace your self and give into the moment.
You've got nothing to lose.
So what is your
brought the hood along
Teams why, wings fly people I never seen cry
If you wanna see the mean side just go stream what I seen on steam, put your hand in
I'll get some self assurance
If your endurance is great
I'll learn by easy stages
If you're courageous and wait

To feel the strength I want to
The under-life, quoting  him, describe the beat
Now Eminem, for example, just another sample
Of  your worst nightmare, coming back at you
So beautiful designed,
And ask him where the fuck did he get his damn raps from

Warning, this shit's gon' be rated R, Restricted
You see this bullet hole in my neck? It's self
you gonna do, livin' all alone, 
Your Mama used to love you but your Mama's gone 

Little John don't know what he gonna do, 
Lose one woman, don't
dreams the shame is left unseen

Why should someone lose so that I get by?
Why should someone pay just to send me high?

No one has to cry
by your self on Friday night.

It's hard to understand if you never lose 
You never want to win when it all comes down all around you now,