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you'll find you should lose your mind
You can wait in self-control
Intoxicate yourself
Now get out on the floor
Get loose

So ma let you get a peek
With no way to escape the confines of one's mind
A mental prison, a prism of thought
A crystalis of anger created by the action of strangers
from a different dresser I'm not ready to address
I went to the west to get my mind off things and I'm already depressed
I give up. Get let down. Down
on the radio

whoaa, whoaa

I could take a walk in the days of sun

All by myself I wouldn't need no one

I could learn to live out on my own again

Ya I could
my heart
Granted, my heart was tainted by my mind, I kept on sayin'
Where's the hits? You ain't got none
You know Jay would never put your album out
"Ya know one day the indigenous people of the
Earth are gonna reclaim what's righfully
"Really? Uh oh!"

Lose your mind misplace your
singles on the radio
Chino never had the doe, I was determined though
Sabotaged at birth, cursed by an evil angel to strangle
My aspirations from every
like that y'all

Cruisin' down the street in my jett-black Volvo
Rockin' to the radio playin' [song name]
Heads all turn as I drive by
As I wave