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on Judgment Day
Walking into battle with the Lord
Teach the children how to pray
Walking into battle with the Lord
Faithful, blind, we all believe
I'm the preacher-man I tell you the truth
Now open your Bible and read with me the word
Go from second Timothy chapter two verse four, says
In fact God is not good sometimes
He's good all the time

[Chorus 2x: Ron Isley]
No matter how hard I cry
It just don't seem loud enough
a real nigga
She let me fuck early so she trustworthy
Her pussy sacred so she getting all the purses
In his name I'm Supreme Lord
The Book of Leviticus is
right and pray you take me through
And with this song I dedicate to you, my Lord

Lord, you mean the world to me
Before I was born you chose me
you are,
I'll praise the lord
I hold my head up to a burning star
In fantasies my life makes it hard to complain
The demon and the holy ghost
ruff and rowdy days

Oh Lord could you help me now
Show me the way
Teach me how to grab a hold
Show me how to let it all go
That way maybe someday
scriptions, and playin' along
Probably sayin' I'm the hypocrit, for judgin' these folks
But you can tell he ain't a Christian, by the way that he spoke
I pray
sit idle, While we teach prosperity,
The first thing to prosper should be inside of me.
We're free...
Not because of 22's on the range,
But Christ
effect on how chill I am
Still alive, but it killed my friend
I'm tryna show you my hurt, I'm not tryna show you how real I am
No one hear me, 'cause
You a pimp, hustler?
Tell me what's your title,
America has no more stars, now we call them idols,
You sit idle, While we teach prosperity,
do I sense the tide that's rising?
It's hypnotizing me from living in light of eternity


Lord forgive us when we get consumed by
A hard head makes a soft ass
Guess yo mom didn't teach ya that
Pick a spot to beef with me and that spot I will meet ya at
But let me check my schedule
can you teach me how to
(Tie my shoes can I go with you to work so I can see what you do?)
Lemme see what you do
So I can love my kids too
But you
says we all fall short so I guess we all outta burn
Teach me I wanna learn
How you could save a wretch like me, before death says it's my turn
I think
all gotta grow
And when you think that you got life figured all out, you realize how much you don't know
Look, after Moms threw me out on the curb
that bad half out?
We pray the lord would cast that out
Hope you got blessins let them pass that out
When we travelin' and pass that route
Keep us
through me.


Verse 3
(David Banner)
When I pray, I don't know what to say.
Just beg to the Lord to let me see another day.
A AK totter, 1st quarter,
to your chest
Lay your rest to the west
May your soul be blessed
And Lord knows how we miss you
Murder is a big issue
Can't stop the blood wit tissue
(Dear Lord, can you help me?)
(Never forget) to pray for the people
'Cause when you need 'em, they there
You better beware Mo Thugs' steppin' with