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Whose souls are put on fire by our hatred burning free

We strike with wrath upon them, born of christian blood
And so they meet the reaper,
shall fall as Abel fell to Cain
By fire, by storm, by hail & by rain
The Sacred triad, the three that are one
Shall serve the word, thy will shall be
Over Lord Poseidon?s Sea, safe from Wind and Storm
Let me stand before my King and Pledge him Sword and Life for his Glory
A Thorn grips my voice, no
And the youngest of the family is moving with authority.
Building castles by the sea, he dares the tardy tide to wash them all aside.
The cattle quietly grazing
to flee,
But some crushed his boat, so they couldn't go by sea.

They fled into the mountains by moonlight.
Three hunters close behind them through
"Starfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule)
Episode IX: The Obsidian Crown Unbound (The Legions of the Imperium Storm the Cloud-Capped
Take my bones, I don't need none
Cold, cold cupboard, lord, nothing to chew on
Suck all day on a cherry stone

Dig a little hole, not three inches
slick from the stab wounds in her

Dub me lord abortion, the living dead
The bone saw on the backseat
On this bitter night of giving head
A sharp
in the sky. 
God of ages, Lord of Time, mine is the right, right to be wrong. 
Well I'll go to the foot of our stairs. 
Jack rabbit mister spawn
Violet Dawn, Misty Mourn 
Black Tree Upon The Velvet Lawn 
Summer Faces - Poisoned Flowers Thorns 
Blackbird Sings A Jaded Requiem 

ravished by the seductress death...

[The Scion of the Storms:]
Dethroned 'ere Atlantis fell, haunted by a dark queen's curse,
My son's soul shackled by
I'll split ya, ditch ya
Gotta put ya in my hall of flames
And damn, it's shame
Listen up tight you can hear the storm, it's a hurricane