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I'm tellin' you
Newsboys are here in effect with the Word of God
And so you'd better check us out

We're Christians, you know what I mean
very, very popular, but I just don't know whether it was a hit single. 

The Bee Gees version was first out on the movie soundtrack album Melody
for the version on Mindsize.

In general terms, 'Do I?' was written to describe a struggle between reaching out to those who don't know the Lord
in as Iceberg the rapper
Today don't know nothing, about this boss shit
There's more shit than wanting to be this King of New York shit

Lord have
to be too much 

I take time out and pray, and ask that you be my crutch 

Lord I am not perfect by a longshot -- I confess to you daily 

But I
to be too much 

I take time out and pray, and ask that you be my crutch 

Lord I am not perfect by a longshot -- I confess to you daily 

But I
and ask that you be my crutch.
Lord, I am not perfect by a long shot; I confess to you daily
But I work harder everyday, and I hope that you hear me.
Courage under fire, gave me a brave heart
(Yes sir)
Brave heart
(Yeah I got that) Brave heart
(You know) Brave heart

May the Lord have mercy on my
has not stickered my album, I made
TWO versions"
Verse 2: Brother Marquis
The First Amendment gave us freedom of speech
So what you sayin'? It
and have a good time
There's nothin' but pleasure written in our rhyme
I know you don't think we'll ever quit
We've got some people on our side who won't
Lord, anybod' twice
Your love once ain't, forever 
You know babe, two
Lord, anybod' twice
But you woman all get a good man
You don't know how to treat him
of Mexico
Sometime I wanna be in L'ousiana
Down by the gulf of Mexico
And then sometime
I don't know where in the world I wanna go 

Ain't it bad, people
There's a photo in an album he don't notice anymore
That's me, that's me
There's a stack of cards and letters buried deep inside a drawer
a'gain to smile
She said, 'Now, I thought I could use you for my a-man a while
Lord, if you just don't let my, Herman catch ya 'ere!
Now, an if ya just
gone down'
He said, If you don't pays by next Wednesday
I reckon I'll have to let your insurance drop, now'

I said, 'Insurance man please don't turn me
Shots leave ya body looking like she is doing yoga
And Lord knows I am a sinner pain pills for dinner
Bitch I am getting money like I got a money
I wonder)
(I wonder, I wonder)

Lord, I'm still wondering'
I don't know what to do 

(Nothin' to do)
(Nothin' to do)
(Nothin' to do)
(Nothin' to do)
y'all don't stop me
See a stampede of fake cats
Runnin from bill cosby
What does he gotta do wit you doin you?
Y'all know what?
Dj lord gimme that cut
hit 'em!

Born with the funk from the womb of Brenda
See I likes the Lords but you used to dig The Spinners
First with the style from
Adidas and gangster hats
A ?? ?? ??, yo here we go
I'm tired of brothers tryin to front like they don't hear me though
Knowin' if it wasn't for me, they
I am a sinner, who's probably gonna sin again
Lord forgive me, Lord forgive me
Things I don't understand
Sometimes I need to be alone
Bitch don't
wanted gold, thought they wanted shine
Thought they wanted radio, bitch make up your mind
(Yeah ho)

All this attention, I don't even know what I might
Lined em up at Fort Knox
To die in Iraq
You don't know I rock?
What you under a rock?
Old cats beggin' us to bring that beat back
Each generation
shit I ain't done nothin' to 'em
They just mad 'cause when I see 'em I don't run up to 'em
Between me and you, yo you know I run right through 'em

what you mean by that?
Mean by what?
You is a grimy nigga f'real, I see whassup
I don't even know why I fucked with you from the door
Cause you know