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more of a lifetime than I
 For sands of time won't wait
 And it may be too late

 Now is the hour and moment
 Don't let the chance go by
 Your ship
(1st Verse)
I was kicking it
With this chick for a minute
She picked me to hit it
Real stiffly I sitted
He spit
Then we quit it
Then I told her
Lips twisted with a sensual smile
Promising you a real good time if you'll join him for a while.

Condemned by innocence
Wipe away those tears, he'll
Anything we should know about your change? 
Are you looking for the truth or another fight? 
If you're wanna give me what I want, then give it up

Are you corrupted by the status quo?
The repetition, it kills us all

Stuck in the dead end job, looking for the way out

for the every first time
I don't give a damn, 'cause I think it's my time, my time

The symbiosis
Of murder and lies
What do I see looking through
on a stairway to heaven
Ayy, ye ain't no killer, nigga, ye ain't no killer, boy
Ye ain't no killer, nigga, ye ain't no killer, boy

I took a sip and then I
Let the kick drum kick one time
Breathe out let your mind unwind
Eyes on the ceiling
Looking for the feeling
Wide open let your own eyes shine
Standing at the window
Looking at the wall
Looking for a killer
No one there at all
Waiting for a hero
Still no one there
Maybe no more heroes
producer Day-child trembling
Spahn-ranch rain-king dancing
And the wheel turns
For the Manchild is arissen

On the bus ,that
"Murder, young girl killed
Desperate shooting at Echo's hill
Dreadful ending, killer died
Evidently suicide"

A witness heard a horrifying sound
the same
It's never gonna change
I'll be looking for Jane

Why did she come?
Why did she come to me?
There must have been millions
in the world she'd
can't see

So much to look by
So many things to be
Can't keep looking
In and out of me
She looks at nothing
Someone you all have seen
She never
looking through the lens

An angel for a day, she turns to fly away
Removes the wedding gown, there'll be no hiding now
And then you'll change before my
passing us by
Oh I am here

Waiting for your change of heart
It just takes a beat
To turn it around
Yes I'm waiting for you change of heart
all come to see
There's a fire in the fields a killer in the mirror
When the bells ring out tonight
For my change of heart
passing us by
Oh I am here

Waiting for your change of heart
It just takes a beat
To turn it around
Yes I'm waiting for you change of heart
At the edge
this year 

You got the white house 

Protected by the government killers 

We got the crack house 

Protected by them neighborhood dealers
a soldier for hire
Killing all you admire
And you live in the cloud but that will change

Not looking for a brighter side 
Crooked steps will take me
Survive the way that you're made to
The conscience killer always gets away
The stage is set for the collapse
Let's face the truth and stop
[Chorus: x4]
These streets keep me rollin'
Can't stop cause these presidents I'm holdin'

You see I'm a killer by heart
A G by nature
You see
have a neumann mic

We've got a song for you
We have a tune
Another killer verse for you to croon
Even a chorus man if we got time
We'll say you
nobody for realer
(A psychopath, I'm a killer)

It's an elite drinker, mister ringleader
I'm a deep thinker, I'm a street preacher
With a street sweeper
changes made
Can't keep on doing what I've been doing these days
Better figure out something
Things are looking grave
Gonna be some changes, changes
blunted-eyed and everyone wonderin' where I'm
Bush pushing lies, killers immortalized
We got arms but won't reach for the skies
Waiting for the Lord to rise