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Take your chance on something star
You got all the live long day
If I had to name one thing you think would ya
Be hard-pressed to say
You can say
"I wanna score goals"
The coach said, "Buddy, remember your role
The fast guys get paid, they shoot, they score
Protect them, Buddy, that's what
Yeah, you come knockin' on my door baby
Tell me what you got on your mind
I guess those college boys all went home for the summer time
Yeah you

Since I've been the master of low expectations
Aren't you humans supposed to look like me?

Quotes like "Buddy I blew you up, then gave you
lookin' and he ain't big and stong
The guy's got a nose that's four foot long
I'm tellin' you women, this ain't no jive
If you get too close this man

Since I've been the master of low expectations
Aren't you humans supposed to look like me?

Quotes like "buddy I blew you up
Then gave you
You're not the kind of guy
That make the girls all sigh
And they never turn their heads
And look when you walk by

But baby that's okay I love
Hey buddy how you doin' today? 
Thanks a lot buddy I'm doin' ok. 
How bout you, you doin' all right? 
Well I got into a fight my girl left last
(Look away, look away) you'd better let me be 
Don't let me know what, what buddy's up for you 
You're a fool, you're broken in 2 

(Look away, look
of a UFO
What's that?
(An unidentified Ferrari looking object flying by me on the highway
You know how fast you were going?)
Nah not at all man
when it comes to this guy

Get those sport coats on with the big lapels
They're back, they're fashionable again
Okay, let's look at some mug-sheets
She say Look you're doing it already
It's the traffic light rock
Stop 'n go
All of the time
It's the traffic light rock
Stop 'n go - all
for your baby, oh, an'she's not there
You look in the closet, buddy, an'you find it's all bare

Oh, that's what the blues is people
That's what
the notes
But they keep the time
They give all their heart to holding the line
You never hear these guys say when
Catchers drummers anchormen

during lunch
[all agree]
M4: "it reminds me of smelling a 60 year old guys ass"
[car screeches, he drops out of the car]
M4: "hey, screw you guys I am who I am deal
Got in this morning at four a.m.
You're as mad as you can be
I was drinking and talking and you know how that goes
Time just slipped away from me
this car, when it hits the wall, you can see the guy dying
You got little plastic pools of blood
Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho (I'm dreaming...)
Oh, there's a party at the leper colony
Hey, hey

Hey now, buddy, don't you give me no lip
Sorry I was using your head for dip
There's a guy
I'm the kind of guy a girl takes home to mom
Pleated khaki pants, and cologne that's the bomb
(you sure smell perty)
Shake her dads hand
Look him
the girls last night
Guys do it all the time

You look like you just took a long look in the mirror
Tell me baby if things don't look a whole lot clearer
and it's barney fife
(what do you mean by that? [first time])

You wrecked your buddy's car and
You cracked your head!
It wouldn't have happened if
And you wonder what to tell the little woman

Me and the band's up all night long
We was passing the pipe and banging the gong
Trying to remember one of Van
(No,no) You didn’t mean for it to happen
Sitting in traffic or your phone was dead, 
Over at your buddy’s or the lights were all red 
And oh yeah, you
Beer buddies
Yeah, a couple of them
Beer buddies

If you ain't got none
Go get you some right now
Cause God only knows what I'd do without

Southern sun
Ridin' high
Winter nights
Warm and dry
You've earned your space buddy
You've done your time
How come you've got no
Peace of mind