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tried to make it all end
Of course you will have to pay
Live life toiled and fray

Hard-wired to life day after day
There's not a difference it all
She had a smile so incredibly radiant
You had to watch it through a piece of smoked glass

I thought after all these years of searching around
It's you're world premier tonight
Can?t wait to see you
Double exposure under candle light
Wear something see through
See girl what we did last night
I want is just the truth

You're my savior after all
Use your flame to guide me home
And then lay your hand on me

And I said
Hear me now here and now
Who can stop de-evolution of the human race?
Look at you, Corporate America, you're in disgrace
Globalize; cigarettes, business jets, you love it
good to me

After all that Sturm and Drang
I gave up long ago
One too many times around
And nothing left to show
You got that something, baby
attention to see through the fray.

It's night again all the time,
Shadows are lurking but I can't find mine,
People look at me as they flood through
your shirt,? 
(B) look away, outside at the dirt, 
(C) send her an e-mail, later that day, with a link to a fan site you think is okay, or 
(D) make
looking forward to the morning after
Oh, it's get me through with the day when I think about the way

You get that dirty little look on your face
And tell
Not a day goes by
Not a single day
But you're somewhere a part of my life
And it looks like you'll stay
As the days go by
I keep thinking when
And even after it all, I make it through every day,
And your familiar face, is now lost in the fray,
And if I called to see what's going on,
side by side, feels like you're alone 
These eyes, wide awake â??til dawn 
Watch an endless night 
After the love has gone 

Are we just faces from
Crash and burn
I know that it's not over yet
Live and learn
By living on the internet

Don't look now
I think we're on a runaway
know you're not alone

And you won't be riding along

What the hell
It's digital insanity!

Don't look now
I think we're
release you from all of your sins and your shame
Cause i’ve been redeemed
I found in christ
Whatever it take I hope you find it, mike
The look on her
And the size of the fray, can't take it away, they won't make it

I was a fool
Crime after crime to confess to
But I hold the fleet angel, she'll bless you
for me now 
Save it til the morning after

Feel the breeze deep on the inside look you down into the well
If you can you'll see the world in all his
for me now 
Save it til the morning after

Feel the breeze deep on the inside look you down into the well
If you can you'll see the world in all his
south, the dirty south [repeat 2X]

Down south we wear bandannas and denim suites 
Down south you gone always spot us in them coupes

[Lil' Flip]
on the operating table
Praying for Canibus to slice you from head to navel
You banned from TV, banned from CD's
Banned from DVD's and downloadable MP3s
at the firmament
Looks like the rains are hear to stay
And the rain pissed down upon me
And washed me all away

Papa won't leave you, Henry
Papa won't
singin' every minute, as the years go passing by, by, by, by
Long look in the mirror, we've come face to face
Wishin' all the love we took for granted,
Look girl you sexy as you want to be
But you just a want to be
I can't help ya
I don't love ya
I just met ya I might shove ya
Will I plug ya
lose the chance
Gotta love you long time, but you was a ten

I got a text from your ex, boy
She said to look through your texts, boy
I'm not
Don't look down when you cross
And pay no mind to time it's a punch line
The joke is on all of us

All these changes
Different stages
Turning page after